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By Alisa S.

Changes to RedWeek Mail Handling

Yahoo and AOL recently changed their e-mail policies in a way that prevented some RedWeek posting inquiries from being delivered successfully. We've modified our systems now, so this shouldn't be a problem going forward.

All posting inquiries will now be delivered with a "From:" address of The "Reply-to:" address will be the member's actual contact e-mail (when you hit reply in your e-mail client, it should automatically try to send to the reply-to address).

As always, inquiries are also saved to your RedWeek message box, so be sure to check it periodically to make sure you aren't missing something due to spam filtering.

Also consider "whitelisting" to make sure your messages aren't blocked. There are instructions for many popular e-mail clients.

You can read more about the Yahoo issue here:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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6 years ago
Apr 24, 2014

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