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  • Avatar for vickis160
    By vickis160
    Mar 18, 2020

    I own multiple 2 bedroom units and have been using the for over 10 years. Unbelievably well maintained, clean, the nicest staff I have...

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  • Avatar for brucel120
    By brucel120
    Feb 27, 2020

    I've stayed here 14 times now as an owner of two weeks. I rent my extra week out occasionally and wanted to see what people were saying....

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  • Avatar for thomasg354
    By thomasg354
    Updated Feb 26, 2020

    The Marriott Aruba Surf Club and Ocean Club are both outstanding timeshares to purchase and enjoy. We own a week at both of these great...

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  • Avatar for paula1189
    By paula1189
    Jan 10, 2020

    Our first time to Aruba, though we travel a lot and have been to Hawaii many times. Seems most of the negative issues from 2012 listed...

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  • Avatar for jordanc50
    By jordanc50
    Updated Sep 23, 2019

    Amazing resort.

  • Avatar for johnb1504
    By johnb1504
    May 17, 2019

    I believe this is the only resort that has washer & dryer in unit

  • Avatar for anne1118
    By anne1118
    Feb 25, 2019

    We are huge fans of this beautiful island and the Marriott surf club! The staff is wonderful, the resort is clean and location provides...

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  • Avatar for fredf308
    By fredf308
    Aug 24, 2018

    Magnificent Week In Aruba 😄

  • Avatar for josepha284
    By josepha284
    May 21, 2018

    The nicest place on the island 🌴 cannot make everybody happy if a chair is their only complaint what does that tell you beautiful views...

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  • Avatar for sophieb15
    By sophieb15
    Mar 25, 2018

    Overall we had very positive experience at the Aruba Surf Club. The property is very clean, the staff is super friendly, and the...

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  • Avatar for saras149
    By saras149
    Mar 4, 2018

    Beautiful, well-kept up resort with (mostly) friendly staff and decent service, considering all of the folks they are dealing with....

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  • Avatar for germanh2
    By germanh2
    Feb 5, 2018

    This is just the best resort to vacation that's a promess

  • Avatar for laurenm260
    By laurenm260
    Aug 26, 2017

    Spent a week here in July in Oceanfront room. We were assigned 12th floor and our views were spectacular! You truly could see from one...

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  • Avatar for markt334
    By markt334
    May 18, 2017

    Our group of 7 just returned from a glorious week at the Light House Building at the Surf Club in our second owned ocean side villa. We...

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  • Avatar for dianat100
    By dianat100
    Mar 7, 2017

    I do have to say that they staff is amazing. I do have to do a shout out to Helen. She was unbelievable. Our main in counter was on the...

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  • Avatar for lyndar70
    By lyndar70
    Mar 2, 2017

    We purchased pre construction. Not knowing what to expect, we couldn't be happier! The place is awesome! We try to get there every year....

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  • Avatar for joseph621
    By joseph621
    Feb 27, 2017

    This is a great place to vacation with family and friends. The staff always is polite, friendly and helpful. We have been coming to this...

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  • Avatar for manond2
    By manond2
    Feb 23, 2017


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  • Avatar for michaelg731
    By michaelg731
    Feb 14, 2017

    This is an outstanding resort. Marriott is continually improving the facilities. Our family has been here 6 times and everyone loves this...

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  • Avatar for amberk49
    By amberk49
    Dec 4, 2016

    My family and I have stayed in a 2 bedroom suite at the Surf Club for the past 6 years. The room and common areas are always very...

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  • Avatar for kathleen1040
    By kathleen1040
    May 2, 2016

    Our favorite timeshare spot in all of the world! Has everything... rooms are beautiful, white sand beach with tons of activities,...

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  • Avatar for mariec241
    By mariec241
    Dec 2, 2015

    We have been enjoying Aruba Surf Club accomodations for 9 years and still loven it! Consistent quality rooms and service associated with...

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  • Avatar for lindajoyceann
    By lindajoyceann
    Updated Nov 10, 2015

    We returned to the Surf Club in Feb 2015 (school vacation week). I found it to be much more crowded. This trip had to get up by 5 am to...

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  • Avatar for carolyn1014
    By carolyn1014
    Updated Jun 19, 2015

    Perfect family vacation accomodations!

  • Avatar for robertd450
    By robertd450
    Apr 16, 2015

    The Three Bedroom Suites are fantastic! 3 separate balconies, Large Full Sized Laundry room, Full Kitchen. Very spacious and comfy. We...

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  • Avatar for amyr327
    By amyr327
    Apr 21, 2014

    After not knowing what to expect we were so VERY happy that we chose this resort. We hope to be back soon.

  • Avatar for audreyw44
    By audreyw44
    Feb 26, 2014

    Just got back from spending Presidents week 2014 at the Marriot. Loved it! The lazy river was the best and the beach was beautiful. The...

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  • Avatar for stevek443
    By stevek443
    Nov 14, 2013

    The Aruba Surf Club doesn't disappoint! A premier Marriott property, our early April week was just superb. From the pleasant check in...

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  • Avatar for susand119
    By susand119
    Aug 13, 2013

    This resort is second to none in Aruba. It has everything you could hope for in a Caribbean resort. Families will love the lazy river...

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  • Avatar for haroldc67
    By haroldc67
    Mar 12, 2013

    Great property with lots to do either on-site or very close by. The lazy river pool is worth the stay alone. Very relaxing. Bring your...

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  • Avatar for jackiel79
    By jackiel79
    Feb 25, 2013

    Check in is horrible. This is do to only having 2 or 3 at most front desk staff at any given time. This was evident even walking thru the...

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  • Avatar for nickp74
    By nickp74
    Updated Aug 1, 2012

    Second year there and it was great. Not as crowded this year as last so it was easy to reserve a chair or hut. Most people came down...

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  • Avatar for georgec176
    By georgec176
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Nice resort, gets real crowded durning prime weeks. Palapas are tough to get and there is no control in the pool area.

  • Avatar for carolb337
    By carolb337
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Fantastic!!! Lazy river a huge +++++. Just loved the entire experience,

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  • Avatar for charlesn74
    By charlesn74
    Updated Dec 9, 2015

    The best

  • Avatar for joannk23
    By joannk23
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We own two weeks in Aruba at another resort and decided to exchange one of those weeks for a week at the Marriott Surf Club, so my...

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  • Avatar for dwayner11
    By dwayner11
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Love everything about this place!!

  • Avatar for elizianaa
    By elizianaa
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    The tower Lighthouse is the best one. The food is very good and the pool is amazing.

  • Avatar for robing96
    By robing96
    Updated Aug 3, 2015

    Best Resort ever!! Service is so committed, the amenities are fabulous, villas are large and comfy and so pretty. Love the pools and lazy...

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  • Avatar for dwightj11
    By dwightj11
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    My wife and I along with three other couples and their grown children just spent two weeks at the Marriott Surf Club in Aruba. We have...

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  • Avatar for jamesm737
    By jamesm737
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Really nice property on the friendliest Island in the Caribbean. We are here for 3 weeks Jan/Feb 2011. The Pools are spectacular and the...

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  • Avatar for lesliee43
    By lesliee43
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    It is an awesome place- so much to do and so clean.

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  • Avatar for velinar
    By velinar
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We are owners and have stayed at this resort several times over the past 10 years. We have also stayed at other resorts in Aruba but find...

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  • Avatar for janet644
    By janet644
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We just returned from a week in Aruba and stayed at the Surf club. The best way I can describe this is "Disney World in the Caribbean...

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  • Avatar for debram231
    By debram231
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    The Marriott Aruba Surf Club is an outstanding place to stay while in Aruba. As an owner who pays top $$$ in fees The Marriott keeps up...

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  • Avatar for larrym312
    By larrym312
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    The Surf Club was awesome! It was everything that envisioned and more. The location is perfect. The staff is very friendly and courteous....

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  • Avatar for morgano4
    By morgano4
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Marriott is continuing to improve the processes and amenities at this wonderful resort. I just returned from a week in paradise there. It...

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  • Avatar for paulettej2
    By paulettej2
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Fantastic resort with alot to do and great restaurants available including Simply Fish, Ruth Chris and La Vista and the best Casino on...

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  • Avatar for volpih
    By volpih
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    having just returned from a week at the surf club, i must register my disappointment. starting with the check in, the process was beyond...

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  • Avatar for peter661
    By peter661
    Updated Mar 28, 2016

    Stayed at the Surf Club 2 weeks in Mar 06. Wonderful facility, great staff, great beach, no problems encountered. Will return annually....

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  • Avatar for michaelt173
    By michaelt173
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    HAPPY!! HAPPY!! ISLAND!! Much anticipated and much worth the visit!! Love the Marriott!! Will return!! Enjoy!!

  • Avatar for darcyc9
    By darcyc9
    Updated Jan 4, 2016

    Just returned from Aruba (Feb 6th-20th) and this was our third year in a row at Surf Club. There is certainly a difference between...

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  • Avatar for kendra28
    By kendra28
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Stayed at Surf Club for first time, and this was my seventh trip to the happy island...2 bedroom 2 bath condo...facing the lazy...

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  • Avatar for peterh147
    By peterh147
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    This Caribbean island, outside the hurricane belt, is pure paradise! The weather never really changes, so it doesn't matter when you go!!...

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  • Avatar for franks161
    By franks161
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Well we understand the problem of any crowded large resort when it comes to space at the pool or beach and the Surf Club, as beautiful as...

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  • Avatar for cheryl424
    By cheryl424
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Returned from the Marriott Surf Club on August 23rd, we had a fabulous time. We used an II excbange to get into the resort. The unit was...

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  • Avatar for kerrik13
    By kerrik13
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    My husband and I came back for our five year anniversary. It was amazing. People complained about tagging their chairs to reserve them...

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  • Avatar for andrewv
    By andrewv
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We spent spring break week at the surf club. We had a great time. The people and the facilities were first class. The rooms were...

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  • Avatar for catharine6
    By catharine6
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    I Love the location and the rooms are clean and functional. Aruba and this property are safe and well guarded there is security...

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  • Avatar for benjaminr15
    By benjaminr15
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We had a wonderful time at the Surf Club. We had 4 adults and 2 children and rented a 2 bedrooom villa from an owner. The space was quite...

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  • Avatar for mitchellbarbarag
    By mitchellbarbarag
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Just came back from the Surf Club in Aruba and have read other reviews. Althought there were some negative reviews, I have found the Surf...

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  • Avatar for marcia326
    By marcia326
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Stop whining! The Surf Club is just great. Is it over crowded during xmas and new years week? Yes, just like every other place, but you...

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  • Avatar for nancyc356
    By nancyc356
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We have been going to the Marriott Aruba Surf club for 5 yrs. We own 3 weeks and could not be happier with our investment. We travel with...

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  • Avatar for scotte42
    By scotte42
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Excellent property. We have owned here since before it opened, pre-construction. While I understand the comments about the property,...

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  • Avatar for brendand10
    By brendand10
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    This coming January will be our third year at the Surf Club. We are owners and stay for ten days to two weeks at a time. We find the...

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  • Avatar for carolb326
    By carolb326
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    This is a Beautiful Resort. We return this year in April. The weather there was perfect, since at home it was in the 20s. We spent our...

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  • Avatar for darrens11
    By darrens11
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    My wife & I went the 1st week of March 08 the only good thing I can say about the Surf Club is the room and the grounds are top notch. We...

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  • Avatar for kimberlyw15
    By kimberlyw15
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    My husband and I just returned from a week at the Aruba Surf Club. We are owners at the Aruba Ocean Club but since we couldn't get a...

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  • Avatar for keith211
    By keith211
    Updated Feb 27, 2012


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  • Avatar for mp24
    By mp24
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We stayed at the Surf Club 4-11Jan 2008. We exchanged for this property and have been to Aruba many times in the past during this time of...

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  • Avatar for robbenk
    By robbenk
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Stayed at the Surf Club 2/2-2/9/2008. Beautiful rooms, but Extremely overcrowded!!!! The opening of the two additional towers have...

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  • Avatar for ms131
    By ms131
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We just returned from a week at the Surf Club (Jan. 27 - Feb. 3). Unlike the previous post, we had NO difficulty getting a palapa most...

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  • Avatar for lastrega
    By lastrega
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    I am an owner here and have just returned from staying on Jan 27, 2008. I could not find any pool chairs much less two together shaded....

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  • Avatar for johnc386
    By johnc386
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    I was just at the resort in November with my wife for my birthday and eventhough the surf club had just experienced some major problems,...

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  • Avatar for sandran3
    By sandran3
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We just got back from a week at the surf club (we went 12/7-12/14). We went with friends and we all love this resort and will go back...

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  • Avatar for chuckc33
    By chuckc33
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    I'm in the middle of a two week stint, 51 and 52. Aruba is a fantastic place to come for a winter break. Even the bad weather is good....

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  • Avatar for jeffg43
    By jeffg43
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    I just returned from a week stay – Nov 3 - 10. This is my fourth stay in the Ocean or surf club in the past two years and will likely be...

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  • Avatar for billa79
    By billa79
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    This is the best vacation we ever had! We have gone back here for the last six years. The people in Aruba are wonderful, the restaraunts...

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  • Avatar for bradyt
    By bradyt
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    The Surf Club is the top of our list for overall experience in our timeshare life (5 years, 8 locations). We own another Marriott and...

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  • Avatar for frankg87
    By frankg87
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We have been at the resort for 3 weeks, within this time frame we are renting a week from an owner that we got last minute while on...

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  • Avatar for donj43
    By donj43
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Ask for an oceanFRONT room and you'll never have a bad view - just sand, surf, and sky. Very happy with my stay at this resort. Yes, the...

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  • Avatar for kent183
    By kent183
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    This is the BEST resort on the Island. We just spent 3 weeks there and its the best. We have been to many Islands and you are not going...

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  • Avatar for patcabral
    By patcabral
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We exchanged the week of Oct. 6, 2006 to this resort. We travel to Aruba at least twice a year, as well as other Caribbean islands, and...

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  • Avatar for saskia1
    By saskia1
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We had a nice time the first two weeks in December. We would prefer the low-rise hotel area on eagle beach next time. Positive: -A...

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  • Avatar for scottv14
    By scottv14
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    We rented week 51 this year, a 2BR suite that met all our needs for a family of 4 with 8/5 yr olds. Accomodations were excellent. Staff...

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  • Avatar for marc340
    By marc340
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Exchanged our Westin Maui week for a week at Aruba Marriott Surf Club -- it was truly paradise! The lazy river was great fun -- and the...

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  • Avatar for michele784
    By michele784
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Just returned from a stay at the Surf Club- what a beautiful, first-class resort! We had a one bedroom villa for two people and it was...

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  • Avatar for danielb65
    By danielb65
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    The best Place to be in! Seeing is believing! The place is so relaxing and fun that you just can't get enough of it all in one week,...

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  • Avatar for nancy2807
    By nancy2807
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    paradise is one word to sum up aruba and our stay at the surf club. relax and and enjoy all of the beauty around you. the resort is...

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  • Avatar for annemarief4
    By annemarief4
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Nicest time share on the island. Beautiful beach front with lots of space. Fabulous pools with a lazy river and water slide. Villas are...

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  • Avatar for davids206
    By davids206
    Updated Jan 14, 2016

    My wife and I had a Marriott week that was about to expire so we went to Aruba. What a beautiful, clean, spacious, and welcoming resort....

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  • Avatar for skompa
    By skompa
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Marriott has done it again with the Aruba Surf Club. The lazy river is opening December 18th, 2005. How many companies can say they are...

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  • Avatar for evelynj
    By evelynj
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Spent Easter Week at the Surf Club in 2005. Such a great experience with the white sand beaches and low humidity, and breezes. We will...

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  • Avatar for maureen377
    By maureen377
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    sooo good

  • Avatar for nancybw
    By nancybw
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Just returned from a week at the Marriott's Aruba Surf Club. It was heaven!! Outstanding facility and the wait staff there are wonderful....

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  • Avatar for va11
    By va11
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    This resort is 5 star top notch quality that Marriot always does wonderfully. Beachfront property with white sand, aqua water, beach...

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  • Avatar for debbie1707
    By debbie1707
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    This resort is still being built. Guests can use the first building and part of the pool is opened. Great beach too! Staff is always...

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  • Avatar for robinp22
    By robinp22
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    we just returned from a 2 week stay in Aruba we stayed at the surf club. It was the best yet. This resort was next to everything...

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  • Avatar for steve588
    By steve588
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    This resort is top-notch. It offers a great beach, pools, and water activities. Restaurants are great at resort, as well as many others...

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  • Avatar for rmrosario
    By rmrosario
    Updated Feb 27, 2012

    Marriott's Aruba Surf Club is top notch-5 star all the way. Staff is friendly and very helpful. Timeshare sales people understand the...

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