Privately Managed Transaction

The following steps have been developed to help serve as an aid in rental negotiations between members, and are not comprehensive, fail-proof guidelines. The party you deal with may wish to follow another method of completing a private transaction, which may work just as well.

  1. The two members come to an agreement on the rental terms.
  2. The owner should provide the renter with written proof of reservation - an e-mailed copy of their reservation confirmation works well. Postings marked "RedWeek Verified" have already been confirmed by us with the resort, but it doesn't hurt to re-confirm. Owner should also sign and provide the renter with a timeshare rental agreement. If you receive a digital agreement, don't provide any credentials that might compromise your RedWeek or e-mail account to avoid phishing scams.
  3. The renter should return the rental agreement to the owner, along with a secure payment. See our payment method comparison for options - NEVER pay cash or wire funds.
  4. The owner should notify their resort of the transfer, provide all relevant contact information for the renter, and request that a confirmation and check-in instructions be sent directly to the renter. If the resort will not send the name change confirmation to the renter directly, the owner will need to forward a copy of the new confirmation, along with a confirmation number.
  5. The renter should call the resort 10 days prior to their vacation date to double-check their reservations - using the confirmation number provided by the owner - and clarify check-in date and instructions. If there are any concerns, please contact the owner directly to resolve.