Updated April 20, 2021

Travel is officially back in a big way… despite continuing recommendations from the CDC and other governments not to travel just yet. RedWeek rental bookings for April 1 – 19 are up 1,310% from 2020 (obviously a comparison to a time when travel was completely halted). Compared to 2019 though, rental bookings are up 113%!

Most destinations, however, still have limited resort amenities and travel advisories that are important to understand as you plan your travel. We’ve included some highlights below, but you should also review regional travel websites or a good restriction-tracker such as Sherpa.

  • Canada: Canada is requiring mandatory testing and quarantines (including a hotel stay while awaiting results) for everyone arriving in Canada at the traveler’s own expense. Only four Canadian airports will be servicing flights, flights to/from Mexico and the Caribbean may continue to be limited for awhile. Canadians traveling abroad should make sure to research restrictions before booking their accommodations.
  • United States: The United States is requiring all air travelers coming to the U.S. from a foreign country to provide a negative COVID test, or proof of recovery. This includes U.S. residents returning from abroad.
  • Hawaii: On October 15, the state started allowing visitors to bypass their 14-day quarantine requirement with a negative COVID test pre-flight. Kauai wasn’t allowing the bypass for awhile, but as of early April, has rejoined the Safe Travels program. All travelers should check current requirements before leaving for the islands.
  • Aruba: The island is still open except for residents of Brazil (as of Jan 25, 2021) and South Africa (as of Mar 18, 2021). All visitors need to comply with several new requirements including a mandatory COVID test, temperature checks, mask usage, and the purchase of a medical insurance policy (between $15 – 21 USD/day/visitor, with visitors over age 76 on the higher end). Quarantines (in a designated facility, not your resort) will be required for visitors that decline or fail screenings. Get details on current requirements here.
  • California: The state is open and welcoming tourists again – even claiming most of their restrictions should be lifted by June 15. They still recommend self-quarantines for those visiting or returning from out-of-state. More information on the current restrictions can be found here.
  • Florida: No changes – the state is open, but some services may still be limited. See Florida’s Plan for Recovery for more detailed information before planning your travel. DisneyWorld re-opened on July 11. Face coverings and social distancing will be required at all parks for the time being.
  • South Carolina: No changes – the state is still open and welcoming visitors. Beaches and pools are open, with safety measures in place. Travelers should view current information to assess risk before planning travel, and realize the situation can always change.
  • Virgin Islands (USVI): The islands remain open – a negative COVID test is required to avoid quarantine.
  • Cayman Islands: The islands are open, but visitors must apply for entry and comply with testing and quarantine orders.

Most resorts have new procedures and requirements in place. Many amenities will remain closed. Before you book, find out what restrictions are in place in the region and ask about amenity closures – though, keep in mind it could change and owners can’t guarantee amenities at the resort will be fully functional. We try to update our resort pages, but there is no way for us to keep up with thousands of resorts we have listed, as policies and restrictions are still changing often.

For renters

  • If you have an online booking coming up, all owner cancellation policies are in effect. If you would like to discuss the booking with the owner – to ask about rescheduling or refunds outside of the terms the contract allows for – you can contact the owner through the My Trips page within your Account.
  • If you cannot travel, and cannot come to an agreement with the owner, we will have to wait until your check-in date to arbitrate – as the situation develops at the resort.

For owners

  • If you have a reservation and haven’t yet found a renter, we advise you to call your resort and try to push your dates as far out as possible, to give some time for travel to resume. Be sure to update your posting on RedWeek to avoid any issues.
  • Lastly, thank you to the majority of owners who have been sympathetic to renters’ need to cancel during this difficult time. We really appreciate you and are proud to have you as part of this community!