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Timeshare points and credits can be bought and sold on Points packages are offered directly by owners with RedWeek's full-service team available to help owners who choose that service.

Wyndham Vacation Ownership points, Marriott Vacation Club, WorldMark, and most major timeshare points systems are available.

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  • Buying and selling timeshare points only requires an active Membership (just $18.99/12 months)
  • Timeshare points postings start at $59.99/12 months
  • All rules, restrictions, and limitations of each points system apply to all purchases.

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Marriott Vacation Club
Wyndham Vacation Clubs
Worldmark by Wyndham
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What are points and what can I use them for?

The timeshare industry has moved from owners purchasing a single week at a specific resort, to a more flexible point system. Owners purchase a specific number of points, and can use them to reserve stays at a variety of resorts and dates within that brand's system. Points values vary by date and location. Owners can usually save up (bank) their points from one year to use in the next - but there are usually rules on how you can do this that vary between brands.

Are these points just to use one time?

No, the points for sale on RedWeek are for the purchase of points (deeded or right to use for a defined period) rather than simply buying one year's worth. Most points packages are for annual usage, which means you would get more points to use each year (and be responsible for the ongoing maintenance fees associated with those points).

How often do I get my points refilled?

The posting will note whether the "Use" is Annual, Odd Years, Even Years, or something else, as well as an "Anniversary" month, which is when the points allotment is refreshed.

What are banked points?

Banked points are points that are in the owner's account, ready for use. Be sure to understand how those will transfer with a purchase, and any usage limitations.

What do I need to know before purchasing?

Before purchasing any points, we recommend getting very familiar with the company's point system to fully understand what you can use points for, what fees are associated with your new ownership, and any other rules or limitations that may apply. We do not have that full information on

Can I sell my points for this year only?

No, the points on RedWeek are for the sale of the full ownership of those points. We do not currently support what we think of as the "rental" of points for a single year.

Can I keep some of my points and sell the rest?

Yes, most systems allow you to sell a portion of your ownership. Please call Owner Services at your brand to make sure you understand all rules & limitations before you post.

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