We connect travelers with individual timeshare owners.

Owners can offer their timeshare to travelers when they aren't using it themselves.

Travelers receive excellent accommodations at prices that beat hotels.

RedWeek provides the platform for faster, more transparent transactions!

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Best of both worlds: hotels meet vacation rentals!

Timeshare units were built for convenience: typically with kitchens, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, washers & dryers. But, unlike Airbnb or VRBO, you get hotel-like amenities: pools, restaurants, front desk, on-site housekeeping, maintenance, and security.

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Front desk
Amenities (pools, spas, restaurants)
Hospitality brands & cleaning standards
Multiple bedrooms & living areas
Full kitchens
By-owner pricing

Lower, by-owner rates.

By renting and buying from individuals rather than resorts, you get amazing deals. You can even find availability when the resorts are sold out!

Tip: Look out for the Verified & Protected label on rentals! These have been verified and include online reservation and booking protection.

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Why are the rates so low? Do I have to take a tour?

No tours required ever! The prices are lower than you will find elsewhere because our rentals typically come from individual timeshare owners, not the resorts themselves. Owners have much more flexibility in their pricing.

What does "Verified & Protected" mean?

"Verified" means we have verified key details of the offering. "Protected" means we handle the online transaction as well. When you rent one of these weeks, we will hold your payment until you check in successfully.

Can I rent just a few nights?

Most timeshare owners have a set reservation. You may see some offerings that are less than a full week, but most timeshare rentals will be one-week increments: Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday. You can always inquire about a posting to see if the owner can offer you that flexibility.

Do I need a membership?

Yes, membership is required to rent or buy on RedWeek — it's our way of making sure we have a verified community of serious renters and buyers. We do, however, provide a free memberships with any "Verified & Protected" rental booking.

Are there any additional fees?

All-inclusive, taxes, or other resort fees should always be noted in the offers. We charge a small service fee on Verified & Protected rental bookings to cover our costs of handling the transaction. Other than that, members can make contact with owners and rent/buy for no additional fees.

Can all timeshare owners use this service?

Yes! All timeshare owners can post their timeshares for rent or sell on RedWeek. If you own a timeshare, start here.

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