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Cancun, Mexico

Aug 05, 2007

Got my son and his wife a week thru RCI, it's an AI resort Sunshine Club at Tucacun. I have never been to Mexico or used an AI resort. Need to know do they take credit cards or Travelers checks for AI at check-in? Also they will be about 13 miles from airport, they will not be renting a car, what is best way to get to resort? Taxi, Bus or should I check to see if they have a shuttle? Do they use US currency for other purchaes and any other info would be appreciated. thanks

Jeffrey A.
Dec 30, 2007

I know this is late ,but just clicked on this forum. I have been going to Cancun for 12 years. There are small & large Airport shuttle buses at the Airport that stop at the hotels on Airport strip, just ask at main doors. About $10.00 US. Attendants will show you which bus you need. By the way all of the Hotels on beach strip are.... 13miles away. I have never stayed at a Sunshine club as I have a Condo but you can click into GO CANCUN On a Mexican site... Or GOOGLE search. U will find a good map, MAPAMIGO, it will give you info. on all Beach hotels . I found the site VERY Helpful. US & Canadian $$$ accepted and all major creditcards. The hotels usually have exchange window in loby but they don't give a good exchange. Also money exchanges on all main streets that give Good rates.If you go to the banks expect a long wait. The money exchanges are faster and give the same exchange.One more thing, You can travel by bus anywere on the strip and into and around Cancun for 6 peso's. It went up from 5 peso's after hurricane Wilma. I hope that I've covered all your concerns. I wish them HAPPY VACATION, I've had many happy times there and hope to for more in years to come. Sincerely JDQ.

Joyce Q.

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Nov 01, 2022

Have you ever stayed at Encore Resort?


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