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George Krizan & Vincent Kahn - Philippine based Timeshare Scam Company Revealed

Oct 07, 2011

A timeshare scam company that calls themselves 'Global Travel Services' operates out of Ortigas Center, Metro Manila - Philippines. The real name of the registered company with the Philippine SEC is called "Uni Asia." It is owned in part by 3 ladies, one of which is Kay Ann Santos, another is Janice Alcala, and the 3rd is Eileen C. Salita.

The address is 3104 Tektite Tower East Building. The hours of operation are local time Philippines: 9pm-12 noon the next day. They call USA East-West coast throughout all the business hours.

The company is REALLY owned by an American from Colorado who calls himself Vincent Kahn. (pronounced Con - Scam owner #1) and George A Krizan (Scam owner #2).

Vincent Kahn lived in Mexico and the Dominican Republic and ran his call center scheme there while doing other "real" timeshare sales activities while being arrested for having 10,000 illegal leads (phone #'s with names/addresses used to illegally call people). Vincent Kahn apparently escaped from Dominican Republic via boat and got to Haiti, then flew back to USA before running away to Asia in the Philippines. He now lives in General Trias, Cavite and is an avid golfer, spending most of his time smoking marijuana and having unprotected sex with hundreds of underaged girls.

He is the one that brings in the cash twice a week and illegally pays everyone off the books so that he can always keep himself separate and keep the 3 unknowing ladies in full responsibility if anything were to go wrong, which it will eventually, as with all scams.

This so called Global Travel Services (made up name that can change any time) claims that they have a group that is interested in renting your timeshare for up to $3600 per week for any weeks that you have available. They claim to work with a partner company called Universal Exchange who is a wholesaler so you've never heard of them and they cant be contacted on the web or on the phone (give me a break). People believe this stuff so be careful. The company itself is simply a boiler room with no real services except people talking.

They say that you can either use YOUR exchange company like RCI/II and do the exchange that way, but in the end they will force you to use their exchange company Universal Exchange (which is how they make their money) because the hotel that they claim to be renting for "The Hyatt/Regency or Mariott" are not even timeshare companies, so OF COURSE RCI CANNOT EXCHANGE. So they will have either tricked you into using "Universal Exchange" which doesnt exist, or some of them will straight up tell you that you need to use Universal anyway.

Then, after you do your checking or if they can just scam you right away on the first call, you will give your credit card information to them so they can do what they call "pass it on the to exchange company so they can exchange your timeshare to the location which is in Cancun Mexico."


The $199 is charged by a random credit card processor who is based in the USA (the company goes through 10 processors a week if not more) because everyone is always cancelling and even the processors know they are doing illegitimate processes, thats why if you rent more than 1 week from this group, your billing statement will show random companies around the USA charging you. (this is not typical of decent rental companies).

Plus, there is no contract. And on top of all that, they will tell you that a 3rd party verification company will confirm things with you and record it. THATS FOR THEIR BENEFIT NOT YOURS. All they ask you is that you authorize to charge the card for some multiple of $199. THATS IT. They NEVER mention TIMESHARE during the verification because if they did, then the charge is obviously not valid since they are not even a timeshare company in any sort of a way. So the verification is done just to verify that you screw yourself.

Please be careful of this scam guys, the phone #'s for this company that claims to be in Las Vegas NV are as follows: 702 514 3430 or 702 514 3431

Here is the breakdown of the scheme:

Owner of the account: Vincent Kahn Owner of 2nd branch office/employees: George A. Krizan Owner of the company as per the documentation: Kay ann Santos, Janice Alcala, Eileen Salita

Employees (real names): Shirley Comia (scam sales) Jenny Borja (scam sales) Maureen Marino (scam sales Team Leader) Aejay Sto. Domingo (scam sales) Michelle Bernardo (customer service) Edward Artita (Tanya Edwards) (customer service)

Again, this operation (along with many others) are being done out of the notoriously unregulated telephone lines of the Philippines. Most of these people are poor and could care less that they are ripping off poor widowed, retired American people who worked hard all their life to earn their money.

Please let this scam and all the timeshare scams be known. THE MARKET IS NOT GOOD. PEOPLE ARE NOT BUYING/RENT ANY TIMESHARE!!!!!!!!!!! The typical person who gets scammed and tricked are usually widowed, retired, older people who own timeshares and cant afford to pay their maintenance fees or for some reason dont use the timeshare like they used to and would love to turn a profit on a losing asset.


Here is the last bit of evidence I have that will also make you laugh. Its the scam website, poorly designed by George Krizan himself. It has the word Carribean spelled incorrectly [carrabean] (any company really operating out of that region would obviously know the real spelling for that). And the website is just a bunch of 'rebuttals' that the scam callers use, and now theyre just printed on the website. I call this, evidence. The website (for your entertainment purposes is located at):

and also another website which they claim but is not actually theirs (click around, no real content):

Extra information proving this is all a scam: 1.) The date of the convention they are renting for changes every month to the next 3 months in advance. They always say they are renting for a convention 3 months in advance so that by the time you expect your check, its too late to cancel the credit card charge.

2.) They claim to be from Las Vegas, or Houston TX, but they are located in the Philippines. (every single employee has a heavy Filipino accent) so why would they lie about their location if its legit?

3.) The Hyatt Regency and the Mariott Inn in Cancun Mexico charge between 90-150$ per night, so how could someone pay you $3600/ week? Thats ridiculous. Enough said there

4.) Some 3rd party company cant just call your exchange company (RCI/II) and move around your property. YOU MUST BE THE ONE TO DO THAT. Call RCI and II and ask them yourselves. Its obvious.

5.) Half the time, they dont even know what timeshare they are renting. If you make it really confusing for them, they will still push the sale because they can actually get your money regardless of what timeshare you own. You dont even need to really own one. If someone that didnt even own one called them, they would put you through the whole script and even get your CC and charge you and they think they can keep hiding that obvious gap in logic!

6.) They change their phone # very often. Here are a few of the phone #'s theyve used this year:

310 734 0187 702 514 3430 702 514 3431 830 632 2231 858 346 2222

Vincent K.
Mar 05, 2012

Thanks for informing us of this scam.

I noticed this website:

Seems to be bogus anyway, but it also has the same scam you are talking about. I did hear about Vince Kahn and George Krizan on another website called 800 notes, there are half a dozen phone #'s with his name on it, its ridiculous. Well, good luck, watch your back and dont give out C.C.s on the phone NO MATTER WHAT.

Scam A.
Oct 14, 2013

I don't the group you accusing but I see this all the time hit pieces like this targeting business owners. You offered really no proof and went down a list making these sound the worlds worst crooks. Doing business in the Philippines is not easy and the business is required to have 60% Philippine citizen ownership. Having 3 partners in the Philippines is very normal. So what you call a front is the legal way to structure a business here. Paying employees in cash is also the norm here and many businesses pay off the books so that does not them a crook.

Now if you actual proof of something then you should report it to the authorities and not on a web page. You could have a business motive and I seen that plenty of times. I think it is the wrong way to report them.

If it turns out that you have a financial reason to write then I would we would find that out. Do you have a business? What is your motive for your charges? What proof do you have?

Try to be professional next and do your home work first and if you going to charge show the proof and go to the agencies that regulate. More of I read from your post shows nothing out of the ordinary.

Claiming to lease time shares that would be serious if you have proof that they in fact have done what you claim but I wouldn't buy until you back it up.

Again I don't know you or khan but when I see posts like this it just gets to me. I hate to see this kind of stuff online and I wish there was a way to have people charged if they post untrue charges and allegations.

If he is crook report him at once.

Sorry to be so hard but I see these kind of posts all the time and they are just the wrong way to do it.

Tom G.
Oct 26, 2013

Your reply to the post seems highly suspect. Are you sure you are not working for the "Scam" artists?

Val A.
Oct 26, 2013

Hi Thanks for the information about GTI. So many Scam companies stealing people's money out there. It's good to have a heads up.

Val A.
Aug 23, 2018

Totoo yan naging boss ko yan dito sa Dasmarinas Cavite hanggang ngayon andito pa sya. Sana maka abot to SA INYONG LAHAT

Angelo D.
Dec 01, 2021

This guy Vincent Kahn is still there in south Manila area. I actually saw him not long ago. Hes got a whole family there now. I wouldnt want to raise a family being on the run from various countries.

And George Krizan is dead:

He hasnt scammed anybody in at least 6 months as a result, but you can see on his profile he was scamming till the day he died, Free World Answering Service. Sounds so similar to Global Travel Services in its generic sound, and how the link is dead and theres no evidence anywhere of that company, just like all their other fake scam company fronts.


Dislike G.

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