RedWeek Launches Full-Service Resales

Jun 06, 2012

Our members asked, and we listened. RedWeek now provides full-service resales and part of an ever expanding list of services. As part of our new full-service program, , we will create your resale posting, review your ownership information to ensure your posting is 100% accurate, field all inquiries from interested buyers, assist in negotiating a final sale price, and handle the entire closing.

The cost for this service is $99, plus a RedWeek membership. Upon the successful sale of your timeshare, RedWeek will charge a modest fee of 3% or $399, whichever is greater.

To request your full-service resale, select the "Sell with full-service resale option" link on the right side of your resort's page in the "I Want To..." box on

Alisa S.

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