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Apr 12, 2015

How do I post that the unit is rented and no longer available?

John P.
Apr 12, 2015


You can deactivate your posting by going to "My Postings" at the top of any page. When you are asked why you are removing your listing, if you respond that you rented your week, your listing will automatically have the "Rented" sign placed next to it.

If you need further assistance, please Contact Us.


RedWeek Support
Apr 26, 2024

I wish to lower the cost of my timeshare rental that is already posted. How do I edit a posting please? Noreen Copeland

Noreen D.
Apr 29, 2024

Hi Noreen,

To edit the price of a DIY posting, please follow the following directions:

1. Log in to (

2. You can view your postings in the My Account section or visit:

3. You will see each of your postings along with options to view, edit, deactivate or copy. You will also see the options to add highlighting and add verification as well. You'll want to select 'edit', and then proceed through the screens as necessary. Please be sure to hit "Continue" at the bottom of each edit screen to ensure your changes are saved.

If you instead have a full-service posting, please send either your full-service representative an email with the price change you'd like. Or, you can email us directly at and we'll make sure they get the message!

RedWeek Support

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