Apr 27, 2022

Are there any other MROP members/owners here?

Leisa W.
May 02, 2022

Since you have received no MROP responses at all here in nearly a week, you might be interested to know that there is an ongoing thread about MROP over on the Timeshare Users Group site. The discussion (currently at 15 posts, as of this a.m.) seems to center around a recently issued $1,057 "special assessment" bill issued by MROP to members on 4/1/22 and reportedly due and payable by 4/30/22! You can read the entire thread for yourself on TUG, but the general consensus among those members posting is that they have no intention of paying that $1K+ "special assessment" and most apparently now plan to just "walk away" from MROP completely.

Personally, I know very little about MROP --- I am just making you aware of the current MROP thread on TUG, if of any interest to you. The thread refers to MROP supposedly having a 32% default rate before this special assessment. If that reference is accurate, it would certainly appear that MROP is in very serious financial trouble and may actually now just be "circling the drain" --- with or without this surprise (and obviously unwelcome) "special assessment".


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Mar 14, 2023

What is the financial status of MROP and are there any lawsuits pertaining to the special assessment?

Robert S.
Jul 20, 2023

I paid the assessment on time. The gave me a bonus week good for 2 years. Booked Maui for a week so it was like an extra years maintenance fee but also an extra week vacation so it balanced out fine.

I hope they survive, they had enough funds from selling rarely used units to buy 50 weeks in Princeville.

John G.

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