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Marriott right of first refusal

Sep 23, 2022

When a resale week is posted on RedWeek and is pending or sold how can one know if Marriott has exercised their right of first refusal or not?

Robert J.
Sep 23, 2022

Needs to be completed BEFORE sale. Only way to know if this sale/transfer has been officially ok'd by Marriott, is to either call Marriott Owner Services or call the seller and obtain the actual document showing that Marriott has processed its ROFR (Right of First Refusal). Hope this helps. Not such a bad process but required. We did a sale several years ago.

Sep 24, 2022


Robert J.
Sep 25, 2022

Of note, the ROFR process is initiated during the closing process - that's after a sales contract has been signed. This is the first thing done by the closing company.

MVC has displaced us as the buyer a few times. At times, I've even paid more than the ask to increase the chance of passing the ROFR hurdle.

I would be interested to know how many of the Ebay deals get through the ROFR process.

Oct 06, 2022

MVC is horrible. I actually gave them back for free 3500 points just to get out of it. I kept 1500 and love going to the sales office for free points and explaining to them what I think of their business.

David M.
Nov 29, 2022

So Marriott IS really buying these as people like me are about to close on a timeshare re-sale? The sales person said that and I wasn't sure if it was a tactic to get us to buy the points. Made sense that they want them back but was hoping it was a tactic. TIA.

Amy M.
Nov 29, 2022

We never know when Marriott will exercise their right of first refusal, but it certainly is not 100% of the time. :) It seems to depend on Marriott's current inventory level and the sales price.

RedWeek Support
Dec 19, 2022

I have a week at Lakeshore Reserve that I was trying to work with the resale department, they offer no money to sell it thru them. We paid 30k+ and now they expect me “give” it back to them for no cash value

Joan M.
Dec 29, 2022

I had the same responce from Marriott when I asked how to sell it back to them. When we baught our time-share years ago they told us the price would increase and it was a good investment. No way, they want you to give it back for free!

Robert V.
Dec 29, 2022

robertv407 wrote:
I had the same responce from Marriott when I asked how to sell it back to them. When we baught our time-share years ago they told us the price would increase and it was a good investment. No way, they want you to give it back for free!

Well, as you found out the hard way, timeshare sales people are notorious for lying or telling half-truths during the sales presentation. One of the biggest lies most sales people tell in order to get you to buy is what you said above. Unfortunately, if you read the contract you signed, it will say that what the sale person said has no weight, only what is written in the contract. And it's possible that the contract (in those dozens of pages) somewhere said that your purchase would not increase in value.

So if you want to get rid of it, you will have to swallow that hard pill and give it back for free unless you think it has some resale value. If you think you can get some money for it, then list it on a reputable timeshare resale site like here on RedWeek, E-Bay, Craigslist, or Timeshare Users Group (aka "TUG").

Lance C.
Jan 19, 2023

We bought 3,500 points at an auction for $2,500 and Marriott did not exercise the ROFR. We were sweating bullets until Marriott's deadline passed.

Stephen N.
Feb 05, 2023

Can you explain how you bought points at auction? I've not heard of that before.

Michelle D.
Jun 08, 2024

I have purchased a good number of MVC week units and with most resorts, the ROFR is only exercised when purchasing the prime season. For example, if you purchase one at Marriott's Desert Springs Villas-DSV (they have resorts I and II), if you are buying DSVII, the ROFR is only exercised if you purchase the Red season (winter/spring) and purchase it under $3,250 is the current level. At my latest check, buying any Red Week at $3,250 or above and they will pass on their ROFR. If you buy the white or blue seasons, they do not exercise the ROFR, even at $1 purchases.

However, if you buy DSVI, they do not have ROFR options; thus, no matter what you buy it at, it becomes your property. The closer does not have to send it to Marriott for their option to purchase it at the sales price.

Hope that helps.

Jun 10, 2024

It’s self reported, so it’s neither a 100% view nor even always 100% accurate, but Is a great resource for this if you want to see some ROFR activity.

Much as DWellser describes above, though: Marriott has a good idea what will sell and what won’t : they are trying to make money and so they will buy back anything via ROFR if their data shows they can resell it at a profit with sufficient margin. Trying to find out what the MVC “value” is attached to any particular deed is an almost impossible task, though, because they seem to be really inconsistent (like “$3/pt passed, $3.90/pt failed” for points off reported sales this year).

Dana L.

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