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pet policies

Jun 15, 2024

Our daughter lives in Redondo Beach and has a dog. We are looking to purchase a unit that she would at least be able to bring him with her to visit if not possibly stay with us depending on the driving distance for her. Are there any units that allow dogs ?

Warren J.
Jun 16, 2024

Pet policies are a matter determined by individual properties. Most timeshare properties do not allow pets of any species on their premises at any time; this prohibition is very often written right into their officially recorded condo documents (a.k.a., CC&R's).

A few "pet friendly" timeshare properties allocate a few specific, limited units allowing for some (not all) pets. By strictly limiting pet occupancy to just a few specific units, future exposure of people sensitive to animal dander and / or other animal allergens is (theoretically, anyhow) confined to those few specific units. The bottom line is that pet policy inquiries should to be directed to specific individual timeshare properties in your specific geographic area of interest, as policies (and availability) can change.


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