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Newport Coast Presentation

Jun 21, 2024

We had a presentation today and was told that we cannot rent through redweek starting next year without the owner being present. Is that true? They said they would cancel upon arrival if the owners cc was not put down. We usually reserve using the verified and protected option. They pointed to same vague language in their handbook.

S Family
Jul 20, 2024

Not true, but according to the email I received today from Marriott Vacation Club, an owner must have the name of “Guest” on a submitted for at least 30 days prior to rental date. Below is the email I received.

Our number-one priority is helping our Owners fully enjoy and use their vacation ownership. Because of this, we’re updating our procedures to identify arriving and/or unaccompanied guests to provide a reservation process that is consistent for all Owners.

If a guest is utilizing an Owner’s reservation at one of the 90+ resorts and properties in Abound by Marriott Vacations, the Owner must provide the guest’s specific and accurate information no less than 30 days prior to the check-in date.

This will help prevent misuse of the reservation process. It also streamlines the check-in process and villa assignment procedures and will help ensure Owner and guest satisfaction. Guests who have not completed a Guest of Owner form at least 30 days prior to arrival at a resort will not be able to check in.

CAN I CHANGE A GUEST’S NAME AT MARRIOTT.COM? The only way to add or modify a guest’s name on a reservation is to complete the Guest of Owner form available on your Owner website: You may not change a name on a reservation on, the Marriott Bonvoy app, or the Marriott Vacation Club app. You will also not be able to call Owner Services or have it changed by the front desk.

WHO IS REQUIRED TO PROVIDE IDENTIFYING INFORMATION? If a friend or family member is staying with you, in your villa or similar accommodation, you don’t need to add their name to your reservation or provide the Guest of Owner form unless they will be checking in before you. The Guest of Owner form is only required for guests who are staying in an Owner’s villa without the Owner present, or who are arriving before the Owner.

HOW DO I UPDATE MY RESERVATION WITH THE GUEST’S NAME? View your upcoming Club Points reservations on your Owner website, click on the “Change Arriving Guest Information” link, and fill out the form. For Weeks Owners with a reservation at your Home Resort, log into , click on the “Use Weeks” tab at the top of the page, then navigate to “Weeks Transaction History” in the drop-down menu. Complete the form “Change Arriving Guest Information.”

Diane E.

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