Oct 14, 2006

Love this new area. Keep up the good work!!

Mike S.
Nov 17, 2006

I am writing as I am truly TICKED off. I had stupidly purcahsed a times sahre at the SHERATON VISTANA RESORT in ORLANDO. I have been pursuing since last year the issue of allowing pets at the resort. It is something that could / should have checked before buying at the resort But we do know the pressure talks they give.

I was informed that there was a meeting Oct, 6. I was also informed that the issue would be discussed. I requested a copy of the minutes. The outcome was as I expected. What truly ticked me off was that when I comtacted the manager of the SHERATON VISTANA RESORT I was informed by him that the issue was tabled. I do know what that means -- it was simply set aside to be discussed at a later date. I requested a copy of the minutes -- and lo and behold the issue was discussed but the outcome was far from tabled -- It was voted down.Yes IT WAS VOTED DOWN. Democracy can work but we have to let it.

WHen one receives a notice of meeting and a proxy vote, one NEVER receives a notice of what will be discussed at the meeting.

I am truly disappointed that the manager of the resort would go to the extremes of lying about the outcome. It had even been suggested that that several units in a part of the resort could be set aside for pets.

I recently stayed at Celebration World Resort -- a unit that ALLOWS pets. THere were many pets -- of all sizes and breeds. They did not set aside special sections -- as I saw people from alla reas walking their dogs.

Pets at a resort -- I will continue to pursue the issue. My pets are well behaved -- probably better then a child ( and yes I have taught many children) My pets, when told to behave etc do LISTEN. Yes people will say - that an owner will rarely ever say their pets are not well behaved. But mine is -- he wont eat inside the house, he will wait at the door to go do outside. Regardless of whether I think my pet is well behaved or not, to me he is. He is kept on a leash at all times at the resort and does have proof of current inoculations from a vet. They do not run around having tantrum fits. They do not go around bothering other people only when they feel that I am being threatened. Many couples have by now retired, children have grown and off on their own, and their pets become their new children.

Why should a person travel with pets then have to kennel them the entire time because a resort does not want them there. Resorts discriminate againts regular pets. I was informed that if it was a service dog they would be allowed. THe law does states that service dogs are allowed.

My comment -- yes they are working. Yes it is the law. When I inquired as to what is done to the room after this animal leaves I was informed that the cleaning staff spot clean it. So -- overlooking the fact that they are working dogs -- I inquired as to what was the difference between cleaning after a service dog and cleaning after a regular dog. The comment -- There isn't. Just because a dog is not classified as a service dog does not mean that it does not provide a meaningful service to its owners and does and should also qualify as a working dog.

Dogs are branded as being destructive and noisy. Yet is that looked at for people? How often have people destroyed rooms etc? How often have people been so noisy that security has been called to the room? How often has one tried to sleep -- only to be awoken by loud partying, running up and down the hallways and loud music. People may be frightened, or small children or people with the dog, but he always leaves everyone alone -- they appraoch him.

Pets are just given a bum deal.

Emily M.
Nov 17, 2006

The main reason people vacationing and do not want animals is not the noise. Many people go on vacation to Disney World area with their children and don't need or want them playing in lawn area and finding dog waste left behind on the kids or their clothing.

People take nice clothing to go out to dinner and do not want animal hair all over them from the furniture and carpet. Many people have hard time breathing when dog hair around.

The manager and resorts are not the problem but you seem to be. If this was a important point for you going to the Vistana or any other resort you should have done YOUR homework first. Now your there and want to gripe about the resort and change the rules that probably 98% of owners would not want or vote for.

You want a timeshare that allows dogs check likstings and you will find a few places and that is it. If you want to take your dog on vacation then drive a motor home and camp out.


Phil L.

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Nov 17, 2006

We have a Sheltie and is smartest dog we have had. Never have problems with our dog and do love him! So I do understand your thinking!

Now for the real world, You might check out the timeshares you take doggie to and see what kind of trades they have in location and amount of timeshares availble to trade into. You will find a few but most are out of the USA!

Have you asked doggie which ones he likes to stay in,of coarse if you could understand pooch talk he most likey is screaming " Leave Me Home".

The Vastana is very nice resort and we have stayed there twice. I do know the rules in print are NO PETS. Last thing we want to see while doing morning walk with cup of coffee is people out letting their dogs take a dump on the grass. Our kids probably will be on that grass at sometime. Even if you are one of the few that pickup the stain in grass still there plus smell!

When we go away we go to relax not deal with dogs,we take dress clothing and last thing we want is dog/cat hair on them. No matter what you think many dog owners walk their dog and do not pickup after and we have seen this even at doggie parks.

There is nothing worse than dealing at airport with people running around with dogs. I like my dog but couldn't careless about your dog so why would I want to deal with these problem caused because you can't travel without pooch!

We saw a fight few months ago when we landed back in Sacramento CA. These two very oversized women wearing shorts (probably back from Flordia and not a pretty sight) had their dogs and while getting in everyones way guess what? One of the mutts lifts his leg and takes a leak on these people's suit cases. They had the cops there to stop this mother from hitting these two nit-wits and there acting like its no big deal! What do you think will happen if one of these dogs bites someone like a child? Law suit against you and the resort! In a area of this many people it is a real shock to the system of a dog and if they get loose and start to run like dogs do and gets run over then you will blame everyone from driver to resort and again gripe and want to file a law suit. Leave the dog home or in doggie hotel and let them be spoiled for a week while your gone.

As most pet owners who travel with their dogs you are only thinking of yourself and not thousands of other people that are affected by you taking pet to a timeshare!

Sounds like the manager was trying not to deal with you because your really ticked off about this and just not worth his wasting time dealing with it when nothing is going to change anyway! From what you said the manager did try and work with you at first.

We have taken our dog on boating trips and motor home trip but this affects no one. We have house sitter take care of our dog when we are on vacation or doggie hotels are great too!

You might check the timeshare you stayed in with pooch and see if they have their own group of trades for this. I doubt very many people without dogs would want to stay in those units though.

From the time you must have spent to write all this I don't think I would want to deal with your complaining eather if I was the manager! What do you think he can do for you, change all the rules that I am sure most people want just so you can bring pooch!

Just wondering while you and doggie were walking around did you knock on every door to see if they brought a dog.

Maybe you should try reading the resort information and ask if you do not understand (NO PETS)

Second many families go on vacation and enjoy getting dressed and going some place nice for dinner or show. Not everyone walks around in shorts 24 hours a day because there in Flordia. I know we did this five of the 14 days we were there and we did not see one person in shorts trying to get into a nice restaurant for dinner.

I have been with II for sixteen years and have not stayed in a resort that lets you have pets. I'm not saying there isn't a few but I have never notice a five star that takes dogs.



Phil L.

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Nov 21, 2006

From the time you must have spent to write all this I don't think I would want to deal with your complaining eather if I was the MANAGER! What do you think he can do for you, change all the rules that I am sure most people want just so you can bring pooch!


Just wondering while you and doggie were walking around did you knock on every door to see if they brought a dog.


Like I said in my post to you I wish you good luck on this and I too agree that I wouldn't want to be around you and pooch either! HAVE A NICE DAY! I WOULNDT WANT TO BE AROUND YOU EITHER -- YOU SEEM LIKE YOU WOULD BE NO FUN AT ALL

Emily M.
Nov 21, 2006

Many people are allergic to dog and/or cat dander not to speak of pet fur. There is (or was) a resort in Texas that allowed small pets. There was a dog upstairs from our unit that barked the entire time the family was away. That's the only resort we've ever visited that allowed pets.

There's a list of pet friendly resorts below. I believe all Silverleaf resorts allow pets.

R P.

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Nov 21, 2006

If you are one of the 29 million dog owners who like to travel with your pet, you will be happy to know that a growing number of timeshare resorts will now welcome you and your pooch.

Below you will find a list of timeshare resorts in the U.S., Canada and abroad that allowed pets as of late 2005. But you need to call to verify before booking. Most pet friendly resorts have a limited number of units for Fido, so you will need to make arrangements early.

RCI affiliates USA ID# RESORT NAME State 4968 Sedona Pines Sedona, AZ 2524 The Plaza Resort And Spa Palm Springs, CA 2349 The Inn at Silvercreek SilverCreek, CO 5009 Caribe Beach Resort Sanibel Island, FL 5389 Celebration World Resort Kissimmee, FL 5487 Silverleaf's Apple Mountain Resort Clarkesville, GA 4863 Silverleaf's Fox River Resort Sheridan, IL 1426 The Waves Ocean City, MD 1690 Lucayan Ocean City, MD 5002 Atlantic Resorts Ocean Pines, MD 0104 Quadna Mountain Village Hill City, MN 0087 Chateau Rouge Lodge Red Lodge, MT 0741 Silverleaf's Ozark Mountain Resort Kimberling City, MO 4864 Silverleaf's Timber Creek Resort DeSoto, MO 1004 Silverleaf's Holiday Hills Branson, MO 3283 Surrey Vacation Resort Branson, MO 4073 Surrey Vacation Resort/Carriage House Branson, MO 5133 Rancho Ruidoso Condominiums Alto, NM 0370 Silverleaf's Villages Flint, TX 0712 Silverleaf's Holly Lake Ranch Holly Lake Ranch, TX 1029 Silverleaf's Hill Country Resort Canyon Lake, TX 1780 Silverleaf's Piney Shores Resort Conroe, TX 2492 Silverleaf's Lake O' The Woods Flint, TX 5545 Silverleaf's Seaside Resort Galveston, TX 3187 Kala Point Village Port Townsend, WA 6047 RWVC At Kala Point Glacier, WA CANADA 1637 Banff Rocky Mountain Resort Banff, AB 3655 Chateau Canmore Resort Canmore, AB 2887 Hotel Kananaskis Kananaskis, AB 1459 The Lodge At Kananaskis Kananaskis, AB 0039 St Ives On Shuswap Celista, BC 6148 White Point Vacation Club Queens County, NS 7500 Champlain Shores Haliburton, ON 6271 Corbett Cove Dwight, ON MEXICO Fiesta de Cortez (note: this resort is no longer listed in RCI as an affiliate) Puerto Penasco, Sonora EUROPE 4955 Anfi Palace Muerren Switzerland INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL affiliates ID RESORT NAME State KOH ILX: Premier Vacation Club at Kohl's Ranch Lodge (Kennel provided) Payson, AZ RCK ILX: Premier Vacation Club at Bell Rock Inn (Has pet units with dog runs) Sedona, AZ GCN Villas of Gold Canyon (Dogs are permitted to stay w/their owner in the rooms for a $75 weekly cleaning fee.) Gold Canyon, AZ TAS The Townhouses at St. Augustine Beach & Tennis Resort St. Augustine, FL LSP Signum Las Palmas Avon Park, FL SMF Summerfield Condo Resort Winter Park, FL CPN Club la Pension New Orleans, LA RGY Rangeley Lake Resort Rangeley, ME BAY The Bay Club Ocean City, MD PTB The Pointe on the Bay Ocean City, MD STT Saint Tropez Condominium Ocean City, MD SQA Sandy Square (limited availability) Ocean City, MD SUG Grand Crowne Resorts Branson, MO CGE Carriage Place at Surrey Vacation Resort Branson, MO SVA Surrey Vacation Resort Branson, MO CGM Cabins at Green Mountain (Call for availability to Festiva Resorts Reservations) Branson, MO BLO Executive Timbers Resort and Golf Club Ridgedale, MO EUROPE STJ St. Johann im Pongau Austria ALR Alpenland Sporthotel Austria MAA Maria Alm Austria GAF & SFJ Gala Fjellgrend Norway PRIVATE RESIDENCE CLUBS Rancho Manana Resort & Spa, an ILX Resort Cave Creek, AZ SCT Four Seasons Residence Club Scottsdale at Troon North Scottsdale, AZ FSA Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara Carlsbad, CA Residence Club at Lighthouse Point Amelia Island, FL

R P.
Apr 29, 2024

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CodaPet V.
Apr 30, 2024

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