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Disney's Beach Club Villas Ranks #1, but Marriott is Overall Leader in's Annual Survey of Top 25 Timeshare Resort Rentals

SEATTLE, Feb 28, 2018 – For the sixth straight year, Disney's Beach Club Villas outside Orlando, Florida won the Gold Medal in timeshare rentals as it collected the top spot in's annual survey of Top 25 Timeshare Resort Rentals.

The 2018 survey reflects the rental preferences of RedWeek's 2.5 million subscribers who, as a group, represent the world's largest online community of timeshare owners, users and renters. RedWeek's subscriber base, which grew by 200,000 over the last year, is a large part of the estimated 9.2 million US households that own one or more timeshares.

"RedWeek's growth parallels the dramatic increase in the popularity of timeshare rentals," said Gary Prado, RedWeek's vice president of business development. "While there is still room for improvement in the resale market, rentals are booming at the most popular timeshare destinations."

In addition to grabbing the #1 ranking, Disney's Boardwalk Villas, also in Lake Buena Vista, finished #3. Overall, Disney Vacation Club resorts earned five of the top 25 positions.

But the most popular brand-name timeshare company, by far, was Marriott Vacation Club, which placed 11 resorts in the top 25, including five of the top eight. Marriott's Aruba Surf Club came in second overall, trailed by Marriott's Maui Ocean Club, Aruba Ocean Club, Ko Olina Beach Club, and Newport Coast Villas. The Aruba Surf Club, incidentally, ranks #1 on RedWeek's tally of most rental and resale postings. It also garners the most inquiries year after year. Disney's Beach Club Villas, in contrast, is in high demand but has limited rental inventory.

The Vistana, Wyndham and Hilton timeshare companies, meanwhile, each collected one position in the top 25. Independent resorts, led by #4 Harborside Resort at Atlantis, captured six of the top 25 most coveted rentals.

Geographically, RedWeek's survey showed the dominance of Florida (32 percent), Hawaii (28 percent) and the Caribbean (16 percent) as the most favored vacation destinations. South Carolina was represented by two resorts in the top 25, while California, Mexico, the Bahamas, and New York posted one resort, each, on the list.