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Timeshare Rentals and Resales Are Booming in 2022 - And Not Just with Boomers

SEATTLE, Jun. 16, 2022 – Timeshares may have suffered from a bad reputation in the past, but the industry is seeing a major uptick in recent years, as more consumers discover this travel niche's many benefits, from convenience to cost. RedWeek, the largest, most reputable online timeshare rental platform, has weathered the industry's ups and downs since its founding in 2002 - and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with major growth.

RedWeek was co-founded in 2002 by internet pioneer Randy Conrads, the mind behind, one of the original social media breakthroughs of the mid-1990s. "I went to a few timeshare presentations with friends, and I saw that at these great big resorts, only 25 percent of the suites were occupied," Conrads says. "I come from an engineering background, so I dislike waste. The spark of inspiration behind RedWeek was that people could get more for this asset if they rented it out."

Twenty years later, RedWeek is well-established as the most trusted resource in the timeshare industry, with an audience of more than 2.7 million and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Owners can offer their timeshares to travelers when they aren't using them, and travelers receive excellent accommodations at prices that beat hotels. With fast, transparent transactions, it's one of travel's best-kept secrets.

More and more people are getting in on the secret, however. RedWeek bookings for summer travel in 2022 are up more than 200 percent from 2021 and up more than 750 percent from the pandemic downturn year of 2020. Additionally, RedWeek is on track for its best year ever for timeshare sales since opening its marketplace in 2002. In 2021, the company saw a 43 percent increase in inquiries and offers on timeshares for sale, compared to the same dates in 2019 when timeshares were moving towards their peak.

"RedWeek has created a fluid secondary market for timeshare owners," said Paul Gamberg, a RedWeek member since 2005. "They make it far easier for owners to rent or sell excess weeks. Timeshare resort vacations have the advantage of reliable and affordable home-cooked or BBQ local meals over competing hotel stays. Additionally, they have the huge advantage of predictability and consistency over even Airbnb."

The timeshare marketplace has typically been dominated by the baby boomer generation, but millennial travelers are increasingly discovering the benefits of timeshare-centric travel. In tandem with the rise of the "sharing economy" of Uber and Airbnb in the past decade, millennials have found the flexibility and variety that they seek in the timeshare world.

"The future for RedWeek and the timeshare industry as a whole looks bright in the next decade," Conrads says. "We rely on good word of mouth; we have members who have been with us for decades and they're bringing more people into the fold. The team at RedWeek has built something that both owners and renters can trust. We're 'white hats' in an industry with a lot of 'black hats.' It's something to be proud of."


Founded in 2002, RedWeek is the largest, most reputable online timeshare marketplace with an audience of more than 2.7 million and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Timeshare owners and travelers alike come to RedWeek to read exclusive resort ratings and reviews, access our detailed resort information, and browse thousands of timeshare rental and resale postings or advertise their own timeshare for rent or sale. Since these rentals are offered at owner-direct rental prices, they're almost always drastically cheaper than resort prices. For more information, visit