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I posted two of my three timeshares for sale. Both sold and went without a hitch. I have my third on currently and have a buyer in the wing and having issues with the management company. Redweek has been very helpful and I think it is a great way to rid yourself of the timeshares when not using or need them anymore.

– Sally H.

Wow… I am impressed. I had looked at your site a couple months before signing up and listing my timeshare for sale. Not expecting much from it… much to my surprise! Within 30 minutes of posting I had a serious inquiry/buyer, and 24 hours later I got another email from a serious buyer! I feel confident this deal will happen and soon. GREAT SITE!! THANK YOU!

– Bette R.

Just letting you know what a great resource RedWeek is. We have sold a timeshare and rented out two weeks in the past year with no problems. We tell all our friends who are timeshare owners about RedWeek and how easy and safe it is to use. Thank you!

– Annemarie F.

Helen S.

I use Red Week for all my timeshare needs - renting, selling, etc.

– Helen S.

Member since 2004

Last night I upgraded my redweek membership so I could post a week for rent. I posted my ad last night and got some good email advice from [RedWeek staff] in preparing my ad... Tonight, about 15 minutes ago I completed a phone conversation with a renter. I am sure he will send me the rent payment… after which I will send him the paperwork.

– Rich S.

Pam T.

We own eight weeks of timeshares on California and Hawaii. Two of our summer weeks were rented in thirty-six hours! An email inquiry and offer for another rental arrived in 48 hours! works!

– Pam T.

Member since 2005

I have listed my timeshare for sale and rent with two different places prior to RedWeek. One had been an active listing for nearly a year with no inquiries. I decided to list with RedWeek thinking that the nominal fee was worth the venture and to my delight, it has been! In less than a month, I've rented out both of my timeshare weeks for a great price!

– Ron S.

I am extremely pleased with the response I received after a late posting of a timeshare rental. With less than a month before occupancy, I received two offers and rented my unit in 2 weeks!!

– Martin S.

I successfully rented out a week that we could not use at one of our resorts this year to a very happy family. They had a wonderful time and we recovered our cost. Everyone was happy. Thank you!

– Maryanna B.

The response we have had has been just simply overwhelming…

– George O.

For the past 3 years I've rented our unit through which has been a Godsend for me since I've had no problem renting the unit. Before joining, I always had a problem trying to rent my unit. I tried many rental agencies and was unsuccessful with most of them [...] A lot of people use to find timeshares for rent. Thanks RedWeek.

– Joe G.

Michele C.

We own Marriott time shares in Orlando in Maui. We rented our Maui week through redweek On aug 14 so we can travel to hilton head for a big Bar mitzvah on the island. We have had wonderful experiences renting our Units when we cannot travel.

– Michele C.

Member since 2007

Love the opportunity to stay at other resorts.

– Jim C.

I have to hand it to you… this website is steamrollering all other timeshare websites. The other owners at one of my timeshares - are constantly talking about Redweek and recommend it as THE website for timeshare sales and info. Please keep up the good work.

– Joe W.

… You guys were not kidding when you said advertising would be increased… we have had over 200 inquiries since yesterday morning… between myself and the full time person we have responding, we are still not getting back to some folks on the same day… Thank all of you again for your great service.

– Tonya W.

I am very impressed with your website. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate and I can tell you have spent a lot of time in improving it over time… I also found the need to ask you to follow up on an inquiry I had made and was very impressed at how quickly I got feed back. Your response was personalized (not just a canned response) and the best news was that it worked.

– Susan S.

Becky S.

I have booked many times through Redweek for Gatlinburg and Branson. Have had wonderful experiences. Renting through Redweek (many times at a great price) is a much better deal than ownership and endless maintenance fees. Redweek is awesome!

– Becky S.

Member since 2010

My daughter owns a timeshare and a year ago she traded the week and put in for spring break and got it in a week. She did it again this year but was told nothing was available… I went on and got an incredible room for just the maintenance fee. I have told all the timeshare owners about your internet site. My sister has listed her 5 timeshare weeks on your site and sold 1 so far.

– Peggy D.

Rejoined RedWeek on Wednesday, had a rental inquiry the next day and a request to hold for hubby approval and completed the rental the next morning. Unbelievable. Thanks mucho.

– Gene Q.

Deborah K.

I have used Redweek several years ago and had success, just joined again to sell a timeshare and rent another.

– Deborah K.

Member since 2008

You perform a valuable service. Because of your website, we sold our unit to a great couple who will enjoy it for years, as we did. It was an effortless, smooth transaction on both our parts and I would highly recommend your site. In fact, I did today. Thanks again.

– Mary

… want to let you know how very satisfied I am with the transactions I have made through I am an owner and have had excellent success in renting out my villa through Redweek. I find it very easy to handle the messages, make the transactions, and get rental confirmations. I tried using one other very expensive source and have not even had a nibble. Thank you for being there and for providing such a great service.

– Ellis G.

Lori M.

I have found to be another option for up sizing my room when more family joins us. for the most part it has been simple and the people we have leased from have been good to deal with. It is also a nice option selling my weeks when needed.

– Lori M.

Member since 2007

Redweek is where we post ALL of our timeshare rentals and/or sales. We have purchased some through Redweek as well. It has always been a positive experience, have made a few friends, and shared a lot of important information between owners. It’s definitely the place for most of our timeshare needs.

– Jo Ann O.

Member since 2002
Julie V.

I am an owner that both uses RedWeek to sell and rent my units. I often do the research on RedWeek myself and start the negotiations with owner. I consider Redweek to be the generic name of timeshare website like Kleenex or Jello. Great job!

– Julie V.

Member since 2003

I am pleased to report that I rented my [resort name] time share through your service and was most happy with the results.

– Sandy W.

We are extremely pleased with your website. We own a timeshare [but] only once were we able to find someone to rent our week through an outside source, but a day after I posted our ad on your site, we got a query which led to an offer. We now plan to take a look at timeshare properties we may want to rent. Thank you for this valuable service.

– Ronald M.

I posted my timeshare week for rent and within 2 days had numerous inquiries and had it rented by the 3rd day. Fantastic service to have available. So glad I found it!

– Robert Z.

Robin G.

Found this house on Redweek and stayed there last year. Loved it and we are all going back again. I also advertise on Redweek!! Great site.

– Robin G.

Member since 2009

Just wanted to let you know we were extremely pleased with the process of renting our timeshare in Hilton Head Island, SC through We rented our unit quickly after listing it. We went through Chicago for the escrow service with no problems. Yesterday we received our check in the mail! Thank you for your great service!

– Sonia A.

After trying for months to exchange for a third unit, I discovered and joined. We found an owner who had a week to rent for the same time period in August (high demand) that we were already booked for, and [me and my family] ended up all together at the same resort instead of spread out all over Myrtle Beach. The transaction went very smoothly with the owner, and the weather was great.

– Member

We have used for two years and have rented all of our listings without one single problem. Your site will definitely out perform other timeshare rental services which in my opinion are usually expensive and ineffective. What good fortune we found RedWeek… we hope to rent all six of our [resort name] Hawaii properties this year. The escrow service is an added benefit. Thanks.

– Virginia Z.

L. Mills

Redweek has always provided reliable information and a valued resource for information, rentals and resale. Redweek is the first place I go to find out more about a resort, what is going on in the time share world or to look for a place we are trying to go to.

– L. Mills

Member since 2004

Just wanted to say that I am very pleased with's services. I was able to rent two of our weeks in a very short time. The renters seemed very happy to be able to find what they needed for a reasonable price. Without the high commission fees charged, we were able to rent out for a lower price - the transactions went smoothly and everyone's a winner!

– Laura Y.

I just rented my week with you for the second year in a row. Both times were... a pleasure. I hope to work with you again next year for my rental week. I also have a week for sale, which I have had two people contact me… I am hopeful, thank you very much for being here for timeshare people.

– Deborah P.

The privately managed transaction worked great for us!

– Elden B.

Char M.

We have used redweek many times to rent out our timeshares when we were unable to use our weeks. I have referred many people to your site, all have been very happy with their experience. Love the forum info too, very helpful!

– Char M.

Member since 2006

We are thrilled with your service. After several frustrating years trying to sell our timeshare, your website found us a willing buyer. We are closing this week… and both buyers and sellers are thrilled.

– Ted D.

I did not get a lot of responses, but as the saying goes, one good one is enough. Successfully sold both weeks, thanks.

– Paul R.

Howard & Bonnie

My wife and I have listed and rented many vacations through Reweek. com. We've been with Redweek going on two years and just love it.

– Howard & Bonnie

Member since 2013

With your help I was able to rent all seven days of my timeshare. And in a relatively short time. Thank you!!!

– George M.

I have nothing but good things to say about your website. It has allowed me to get responses and rentals for several properties I have. After seeing the quality of what I have gotten with my membership to this site, I can tell you that I would easily pay $100 not $10 for a membership.

– John K.

Marina W.

RedWeek is a fabulous way to find available timeshares in the locale that you are going to visit. It's also great for renting your own timeshare, should you not be able to use your unit. I look at no other's RedWeek and RedWeek alone that we use!

– Marina W.

Member since 2004

We have listed our timeshare weeks with numerous other organizations over the years… and some of them charged a hefty listing fee… and I have never gotten even a query on them. Since I listed our weeks on… I have gotten NUMEROUS queries and in the last 3 months have actually RENTED 2 of our weeks!!! REDWEEK.COM is definitely doing something right in your marketing and I for one THANK YOU!!

– Pam S.

We just completed the sale of our unit through the ad we had on The responses we received were tremendous. We had previously attempted to sell our unit through some other companies and never heard anything from them in over two years. We sold it through your site and handled the transaction ourselves and will be seeking reimbursement from the other companies. Thanks so much.

– David H.

Jean F.

We love Redweek. We own several Marriott properties and know what a value they are and when we have exhausted all of our trades, we will come to Redweek to find a great value at a GREAT resort. Never disappointed.

– Jean F.

Member since 2010

Your site is a breath of fresh air!!! We have had a lot of inquiries into the rental weeks we posted in just 8 weeks! We had paid over $100 to list the rentals on another site last year that promised results. We didn't have one inquiry in that year!!!!

– William Z.

I must tell you that I get a LOT of inquiries that come via the RedWeek site. I have tried many other resort rental places over the years and have NEVER had the response that I get from RedWeek.

– Pam S.

I sold my unit in no time through RedWeek, had it on the market through [major real estate firm] for over 5 years, and others before that!

– Evelyn R.

Ron & Cheryl

While we own our timeshare at Wapato Point… we have used Redweek to rent a week in Orlando, FL and a week at KoOlina, HI. Both experiences were amazin'

– Ron & Cheryl

Member since 2012

I would like to thank you for your wonderful site. It obviously has great placement when people conduct a web search. I received an offer on my Manhattan Club property two days after listing it on this site - we closed this past Monday. I also had many, many inquiries while we were in contract for the sale. Thank you!!!

– Marie M.

Thank you I listed my 2 units at Powhatan Plantation for rent, and rented them both. I find that the class of people I talked with, regarding the rentals, were all very nice and professional. I highly recommend RedWeek for timeshare rentals and will be using you again.

– Thomas K.

… this past year I rented three of my timeshare units through Thanks.

– JoAnn L.

I have been a member of Redweek for years… I have rented weeks through redweek in the past with much success. I have highly recommended redweek to other timeshare owners as a means of renting their weeks.

– Jim H.

Tammi O.

I'm a resale Broker and also own four weeks of timeshare. I post all my listing on because it is the go to place for buyers looking to purchase timeshare weeks on the resale market. I've sold a lot of weeks using you and will continue to do so.

– Tammi O.

Member since 2012

I have just successfully rented my unit to a person I have never met or seen in my life. The experience was so good it left me with the belief in the basic goodness and honesty of people… I think you have a good program going and I wish you greater success.

– Olusegun O.

I love your web site, have had great results from my ads, and have also rented a week from another member.

– Caroline L.

I just want to tell you all, how grateful I am to use your website. I think it is THE BEST one out there for the timeshare community. I have such wonderful responses from my listings on your site and I just want to thank you for creating it. It is so easy to use and is kept simple at the same time. THANK YOU!!!

– Hillary W.

Just wanted to congratulate and thank you for your great positioning on the www. My traffic and inquiries have increased enormously. I did my own [search engine] search using a variety of common approaches to find vacation rentals on Sanibel Island and the RedWeek listing or RedWeek ad came up on the first, second or third page in almost every case. Good work!

– Sylvia G.

Within a couple of weeks I am already getting people interested in my weeks. Thank you so much for providing an honest service. I was ready to write your company off as one more failure. Thank goodness I decided to try one more time to get people interested in my timeshares. I have had two people interested so far and I am very happy that I decided to give your site a try. Thank you so much.

– Karen S.

I enjoy very much. I have tried renting weeks for several years. So far, has been the only place I have had any success. I rented two weeks in Royal Vista, Pompano Beach, FL in March 2004 for what I consider to be a good price.

– Jim A.

Your site is the most comprehensive, informative and easy to navigate site I have found. It's a pleasure to use it… Everyone who is looking to rent or buy or has a timeshare to rent or sell should use this site. Thank you.

– James O.

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