Hotels Meet Vacation Rentals

How Timeshare Rentals Offer the Best of Both Worlds

What is a timeshare rental?

Timeshare rentals truly offer the best alternative to both hotels and vacation rentals. Most timeshare resorts were built like condos - designed for families or friends traveling together. Built for sleeping privacy but shared common spaces - living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. The end result is that you get vacation rental amenities coupled with hotel-level resources, service, and cleanliness.

Hotels Timeshares Vacation Rentals
Front desk
Amenities (pools, spas, restaurants)
Hospitality brands & cleaning standards
Multiple bedrooms & living areas
Full kitchens
By-owner pricing

Timeshares vs. Vacation Rentals

Why not rent a VRBO and get a whole house? Sure, if you’re willing to pay the hefty fees then sometimes it can be a good option, but consider what you DON’T get with a house: check-in desk, concierge services, POOLS, lazy rivers, restaurants, fitness centers on-site, brand name cleaning standards and reputation, and housekeeping.

Another thing to consider (especially amid an ongoing pandemic) is that housekeeping and cleanliness procedures are more regulated within a timeshare resort than a VRBO or Airbnb, which adds an extra layer of peace of mind when you book.

With a typical vacation rental you get:

  • A key code to check in that doesn’t always work
  • No assurance as to how the rental was cleaned prior to your arrival

But, with a timeshare, you not only get the flexibility of renting from an owner, but also the following hotel amenities:

  • Full front desk staff with 24hr service
  • Hotel amenities like pools, spas, convenience stores, and fitness centers
  • Resort-level cleanliness standards and full housekeeping staff

Timeshares vs. Hotels

When you're traveling with a group of four or more, cramming into a single hotel room or trying to arrange adjoining rooms can be a challenge. Most people don't realize that timeshare units are so much different than hotels.

With a standard hotel you get:

  • One room with a bed and a bathroom

This setup is particularly difficult for families with small children. When the kids go to sleep, mom and dad's options are limited, as the whole family is sharing one room.

But, with a timeshare, you typically get a full condominium unit. A typical timeshare offers:

  • One, two, or three bedrooms
  • A central living room (usually with a sofa bed)
  • Dining area
  • A complete kitchen with full-size stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, as well as dishes and utensils
  • Washer and dryer
  • One, two, and sometimes three full bathrooms
Comparison graphic of typical hotel vs. typical timeshare resort

With a timeshare, mom and dad can put the kids to bed in one bedroom and continue to enjoy themselves in the spacious living areas.

Many timeshare resorts offer complimentary children's activities, such as arts and crafts, pool games, t-shirt making, karaoke, and more, giving parents a chance to spend some quiet time together. But with swimming pools, water parks, miniature golf courses, bowling, family game shows, and movie nights, just to name a few, activities abound for the entire family.

In addition to the spatial differences and available activities, a timeshare can open up a host of options that are not available to families staying in a hotel. The full kitchen allows families to eat meals in their unit rather than in restaurants. Many timeshares offer movie rentals on-site and VCRs or DVD players in the units, so families can save money on entertainment as well.

It truly is the best way to go when traveling with groups. You get to spend time together while maintaining your privacy.

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Quick Tip:

When you see a number of bedrooms listed on a member's offer, the bedrooms are almost always actual rooms off of the main living area. A studio or hotel-style accommodation would be listed as having zero bedrooms, for example. Because they're typically equipped with a sofa bed, a one-bedroom will usually sleep four people comfortably.