Buying Hyatt Residence Club Timeshare Resales

Hyatt Residence and Vacation Club Program Overview

Hyatt's timeshare program was first introduced in 1994 as Hyatt Vacation Club. In 2009, Hyatt introduced Hyatt Residence Club, along with a program to convert deeded fixed weeks annually to points. The overall timeshare program is now called "Hyatt Residence Club", and the points part of the system is called "Hyatt Vacation Club". There are currently 16 resorts in the Residence Club, and original owners have some access to worldwide Hyatt resorts as well.

Many timeshare programs offer weeks OR points, but Hyatt offers a middle-ground. You can purchase a fixed week at your favorite Hyatt property and be assured your week and unit. If you want to explore another Hyatt property, you can change your week into Hyatt Vacation Club Points and use them at any of the other Hyatt Residence Club resort locations. The points-allotment you receive for your unit will depend on the size of the unit and the season you own. With the flexibility of the points, you can customize your stays, varying number of nights and the size of the unit, based on the requirements of the occasion. You can also exchange your week through Interval International - Hyatt's larger exchange partner.

Hyatt's Seasons and Point Values

Hyatt has designated seasons that vary by resort, and help determine how many points you will receive annually for your timeshare, should you decide to use another Hyatt property.

Here is an example of a Points Chart that Hyatt Vacation Club owners would use for determining the number of points needed to make a reservation at a particular Hyatt resort during a designated season.

Banking or Borrowing

Hyatt does not have a system for banking your week or points for the next year's usage. If you cannot use your week for a given year, you would likely have more options banking with Interval International (or simply renting out your Hyatt week for the year).

If you want to borrow your points from next year, Hyatt has a process, but it is a bit complicated. You can use the following year's points for the current year's reservation only if you pay advance maintenance fees, forfeit the next year's usage, and can book reservations within a 60-day window.

Internal and External Exchange Options

Hyatt owners are guaranteed their home resort and week, as long as they do it 6-months to one-year in advance. If you want to trade for another time or resort within the Hyatt network, you will need to familiarize yourself with Hyatt's three usage periods:

  1. Home Resort Preference Period (HRPP): Starting 12 months in advance of your fixed week up until 6 months prior to check-in, Hyatt owners are guaranteed the right to reserve their fixed week and unit at their home resort. Reserving at your home resort during this period is free (unless you make multiple, separate reservations). Owners can also call Hyatt anytime during this period and exchange their deeded week for points to reserve time at other Hyatt resorts.
  2. Club Use Period (CUP): The last six-months before your fixed check-in date, you are no longer guaranteed the use of your fixed week; you can now make reservations at any other resort within the Hyatt network -- assuming there is availability and you have the sufficient number of points.
  3. Limited Club Use Period (L CUP): The six-months AFTER your fixed check-in date, you can reserve at any Hyatt timeshare resort with availability, but only within 60-days of check-in.

For external exchange outside of the Hyatt network, you will need to belong to Interval International (II) - Hyatt's exchange partner. Through II, you can deposit your week up to one year in advance. If you deposit your week or points with II at least four months before your check-in date, you will be able to use what is called an Extended External Exchange Period, where you will get 24 months to book your exchange with II for non-Hyatt resorts. Note: you cannot use your II deposit to get exchanges into Hyatt resorts - so only deposit with II if you want to travel outside the network.

Benefits That Won't Transfer When Buying Hyatt Resales

If you buy a Hyatt timeshare on the resale market, you won't be able to trade your week for points in Hyatt's Gold Passport program. This is NOT the same as the points allotted to your timeshare annually, but Hyatt's wider rewards program that can be used for dining, spa services, and nights at Hyatt hotels worldwide.

Restrictions on Your Ability to Buy

Hyatt retains the "right of first refusal" (ROFR) on any proposed sale. The seller doesn't know what price Hyatt will buy it back for, so if you offer to buy a property, the owner is required to submit the proposed sale to Hyatt to review before it is finalized. Hyatt can then waive or exercise their right — possibly stepping in to buy it from the owner if they determine that the price of the resale is a good bargain. They will typically do this for high-demand weeks that are going for a low price.

Hyatt has 30 days to exercise the ROFR or waive it, allowing the resale to proceed.

The Seller's Outstanding Reservations

Make sure you understand the first usage year, and have a written agreement with the seller. If they have an existing reservation, you will need to detail whether the seller intends to keep that week, or transfer it to you with the sale.

Where to Find Hyatt Resales

It is not difficult to find Hyatt Residence Club timeshares on the resale market. Just go to the resort page for the Residence Club week you want.

Special thanks to Janet Erimie, a licensed real estate broker in Florida and owner of Timeshare Resale Partners. Janet has decades of timeshare experience - having been in the industry since 1980.