Timeshare Posting Policy

You've read through the Resources pages and are now ready to post your timeshare for rent or sale. Before doing so, take a minute to read through our Posting Dos and Dont's.

In order to add a posting to, you must be legally able to sell the unit(s) or designated time period for the unit you post for sale or rent on our Web site.

Please be aware that reserves the right to remove any information, including photos and advertisements for other services that do not belong on a page, or to otherwise limit a user's ability to post.


  • Describe your unit accurately and include all terms of sale in your posting.
  • Fully disclose any fees that will affect the final rental/sale price outside of escrow services and fees (i.e. owner imposed non-refundable deposit, owner-imposed cleaning fee, all-inclusive fee, resort per-person surcharge, guest certificate fee).
  • Include in the Details section of your posting the season your week falls in (i.e. red, green, blue or whatever designation your resort uses to differentiate peak season weeks from off-peak season weeks).
  • Only include text descriptions, graphics, pictures, and other content relevant to the rental or sale of your timeshare.
  • Advertise only one unit per posting - may not include mention of additional units available for rent/sale.
  • Lock-off units may be advertised as stand-alone units. If a member wishes to list a lock-off unit separately, a posting for the rental/sale of that unit must be purchased.
  • List the highest asking price for your unit in the Price section of your posting. If price varies by season, lower seasonal prices may be listed in the Details section.
  • You may include in the Details section of your posting that you are willing to accept offers lower than the listed price (may not create an auction and encourage bids).
  • Deactivate your posting immediately as soon as it is no longer available for rent or purchase.
  • Floating Weeks:
    • List date range that unit may be available, with caveat in the Details section that requested dates must first be verified with resort to determine availability.
    • List the highest asking price for your unit in the Price section of your posting. If price varies by season, lower seasonal prices may be listed in the Details section.
  • Vacation Club Weeks:
    • When selling a vacation club week, add the resale posting to a single resort page (your home resort, if applicable). Mention of vacation club membership included with the purchase can be included in the Details section.
    • When renting a vacation club week, for best results we advise reserving a specific week at a specific resort prior to posting on Without a reservation, you may post the week following the guidelines for a floating week above. There is no way to currently post a floating week across multiple resorts without paying for separate postings.


  • Post your timeshare for rent or sale on the Forums pages, or in the Reviews section of a resort page.
  • List a unit that is not available, then offer a different unit or resort in the Details section of the posting.
  • Post for rent a week obtained on exchange through RCI (including The Registry Collection) or II. Doing so may result in the loss of your membership with the exchange company.
  • Advertise multiple units in your posting, or units available for rent/sale at other resorts.
  • Offer the opportunity through your RedWeek posting to purchase additional units outside of RedWeek.
  • Use your e-mail address or phone number as a username, first name, or last name. You may include this information in the Details section of your posting, though please be aware that doing so may result in unwanted solicitations.
  • Include your home address in the Details section of your posting.
  • Auction off your timeshare by listing a low price (such as $1) and promising the unit to the highest bidder.
  • Include any Web addresses in your posting other than the official resort URL. Vacation Club members may include the URL to their Club page.

Quick Tips:

Our Timeshare Posting Policy is designed to create a positive environment for posters and prospective buyers/renters. Adhering to our Posting Dos and Don'ts will increase the likelihood that you will successfully rent/resell your unit. is not an auction site. Set a fair price for your unit, and the market will respond accordingly.

Misrepresenting your unit in any way will only hurt your chances of finding a suitable renter/buyer.