SCAMS - how to avoid them

Jan 13, 2015

We have been seeing an increase in scams targeting RedWeek members lately. There are two things you MUST know immediately to protect yourself.

1. NEVER WIRE MONEY. If you are asked to wire money for any reason, decline immediately and send the e-mail to us at

2. NEVER LOG IN TO YOUR EMAIL from a link received IN an e-mail. If you receive a link via e-mail that requires you log in to your e-mail account (Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, etc.), DO NOT DO SO. This is likely a "phishing scam" used to acquire your credentials, which they can then use to access your other accounts! If in doubt, go to your e-mail client the way you normally do -- NOT via the link.

More information on how to protect your transaction, including links to a reputable escrow service can be found here:

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.

May 23, 2021

Do not open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or click on links or attachments in emails – delete them: If unsure, verify the identity of the contact through an independent source such as a phone book or online search.

Sunil P.
Jun 24, 2021

How safe is it to book with someone that is not redweek verified? I have been reaching out to many of those postings and the first thing they do is ask me to venmo them or paypal the fee.

Lisa A.
Jun 24, 2021

Lisa: Although we do not vouch for or recommend any person using our website, if you provide us with the posting number, we can let you know how long they have been a RedWeek member and if there are any complaints on their account. Please use the "Contact Us" link at the very bottom of any page.

RedWeek Support
Jun 28, 2021

Robin Gran tried to scam me with listing R889108 listed as a 2 bedroom and then she changed to a 1 for the same price. Stay away from Robin Gran and Aruba we go

Daniel R.
Dec 12, 2021

Keep your personal details secure. Put a lock on your mailbox and shred your bills and other important documents before throwing them out. Keep your passwords

Cardi B.
Jan 03, 2022

The owner is asking me to use Venmo, Zelle or PayPal. Is that considered "wiring"?

Claire B.
Jan 03, 2022

Claire: Those options are not considered wiring money. If you are not using RedWeek Online Booking, then please use our guidelines for keeping safe: Stay Safe

This page will give you the pros and cons of each type of payment: Payment Comparison

RedWeek Support

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Jan 08, 2022

Does Redweek have a standard contract to use to rent out my timeshare?

Ann H.
Apr 30, 2022

hello I'm new to here. thanks fo sharing , now I'm alert about these scams

Bhan R.
May 06, 2022

Hi, I'm new to this platform so I was hoping someone could help clear some things up for me.

1) If these are owners of timeshares why aren't there exact pictures of their condo? I'm assuming it's coming from the resort itself as opposed to an actual timeshare owner. is that correct?

2) why aren't all the timeshares red week verified? It makes me uneasy to start purchasing weeks if there not verified.

3) Are all your bookings guaranteed? for example, KOALA on their site guarantees all their bookings. Do you?

4) my primary purpose is to make sure my clients get what I book them. I cannot afford to book something like a 2 bedroom and end up with a 1 bedroom like the lady in the form said happen to her. Can you reassure me that won't happen?

Lawrence M.
May 07, 2022

Lawrence asks very good questions and I hope someone from Red Week replys to him. I am also new to this platform and have sent a request for a booking (just a request, no one has contacted me yet).

Susan G.
May 07, 2022

Lawrence: 1) We have photos of the units on the resort page. You can click on the smaller photos to enlarge them. At most timeshare resorts, just like at hotels, the units will be furnished exactly the same. Unless the owner has a fixed unit, many resorts do not assign the unit you will be staying in until you checks into the resort. You may find additional photos of the units by going to the resort's website as well.

2) The owner pays an additional $14.99 for their rental posting to be verified. Not all owners choose to pay the additional verification fee.

3) If the posting is Verified and Protected, your payment is made directly to RedWeek and we do not disburse the money to the owner until two business days after the renter checks into the resort. If you are not using RedWeek Online Booking, then we encourage you take precautions to make sure your transaction is safe. We offer assistance here: Stay Safe

4) If the posting is RedWeek verified, we have professionally confirmed all the details highlighted in green with the resort.

RedWeek Support

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May 17, 2022

I have my 3 units up and I am asking for Zelle. That is the safest way for me to get my money. A check could bounce or be fake. The Zelle goes directly into my account. I am in no way a scammer.. I just want to be safe and make sure when I rent I have my money. Susan

Susan A.
Jun 27, 2022

Where is the link to an escrow service?

Can I ask an owner to add the “Verified and Protected” service to his existing listing so I could pay Red Week instead of sending a check to a stranger?

How do you complete a rental without getting ripped off?

Rob F.
Jun 27, 2022

Rob: We have replaced the escrow service with RedWeek Online Booking. You can certainly ask an owner who has a DIY posting if they will add RedWeek verification to their posting so your payment can be made directly to RedWeek. The verification option for a rental posting runs $14.99. We do not disburse the funds to the owner until two business days after you check in to the resort.

If you are not using RedWeek Online Booking, then we encourage you to take precautions to make sure your transaction is safe. You will find more information on this page: Stay Safe

RedWeek Support
Jul 10, 2022

I am wondering the same> I have a poster who is new since 2022. How can I verify their information

Barbara G.
Jul 10, 2022

What did you find? I feel uneasy if its the first thing they say

Barbara G.
Jul 10, 2022

I don’t understand what this means. When I asked the owner if they can add the “Verified” option this was their response

Hi Barbara,

RedWeek does not allow any Interval International or RCI exchanges to use the verified option. I selected it when I generated the posting and sent them the exchange confirmation but they refunded me the $14.99 that they charged for the verification due to this. I can send you a copy of the exchange confirmation (in Spanish) for your reference. You can also do the transfer through PayPal

Barbara G.
Jul 11, 2022

It is against the policies of both RCI and Interval International for members to rent out weeks exchanged through their system. Therefore we are unable to verify any rental week that was obtained through an exchange with II or RCI.

RedWeek Support

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