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Jul 16, 2016

We are excited to announce a new solution for owners who aren't using their weeks: full-service rentals! With this service, we help with everything: start-to-finish. You just make a reservation, tell us what you have, and change the renter's name with your resort at the end -- we will handle the rest. Working with a partner, we can even build in an easy online lease creation, e-check or credit card processing for your renter, and automatic deposits into your bank account.

See both rental options and how they compare side-by-side -- and check out our full-service rental FAQ for more information.

We hope you enjoy this new service!

Sep 30, 2022

Hi Kylie,

I noticed that the sorting feature automatically ranks by "Featured". What is the criteria required to be featured?

We have a few postings with your company.

Thank you,


Maui Resort Rentals I.
Sep 30, 2022

Hi Larry,

The criteria for a "Featured" posting is the ability to book the posting online with RedWeek Online Booking.

RedWeek Support
Oct 03, 2022

Redweek changed the sort to featured. This effectively hides my basic ads which are subordinated to the end of the resort list.

Many owners are complaining about this by writing to

This policy is bad for owners who know how to do a rental themselves:

1. Redweek holds your money until 2 days after check-in 2. Redweek charges you a fee for credit cards 3. Redweek screwed thousands of owners during Covid by arbitrarily cancelling reservations while the resorts were open 4. Many guests will rent from an owner over and over again. Some ask me to make custom reservations. The book on-line process prevents owner to guest contact. 5. The book online process is tedious and slow. I booked on line for a friend and it took four days. I never received ed the confirmation email that I send to guests.

A guest can choose the Verified and Protected if they want. There is no reason (fair to owners) to hide our ads. The obvious reasons for Redweek are: Higher price of ads, Rental fees, Selling travel insurance.

Please write to to complain.

David S.
Oct 06, 2022

Redweek is advertising to us how they are better for owner rentals than Airbnb at the very moment they burying our ads so they will never be seen. Also saying they are much cheaper in fees for renters while burying the service fees instead of stating them upfront.

You keep encourging owners to "enable online booking" but you do not mention the fees it charges renters. You tell us selecting Verified & Protected (online booking) costs only $15 Or Full Service costs $59.99 + $99 at rental but never mention the Renter ends up paying a 7% (!!!) booking fee for that service!! It is unethical NOT to state the extra fees the renter must incur to use this service. It also makes it not competitive when they don't find out that added fee until the end of booking. Airbnb is very upfront with service fees. Plus, last month I checked a RedWeek Verified & Protected ad and the service fee was 6% (or 6.5?). Today it is 7%!!

Today, I renew my membership, renew the first listing of several planned, my account says it's active and I CANNOT FIND IT ANYWHERE!! Why? I searched, refreshed, waited, went back and nothing. Only after reading this Forum posting did I discover that after 18 years using Redweek, they have added a Bait and Switch tactic which buries any ads by owners who don't use one of the two RedWeek add-on services. If you don't change the sort feature, you have to scroll through the entire next year of 2023 in order to see the current Oct 2022 and forward listings by owners. UNBELIEVEABLE!! How would I (or any renter) ever figure out to page through the entire 2023 year to find a Jan. 7th, 2023 listing?

THIS IS UNETHICAL and DECEITFUL!! Owners and renters who have come to your site for years do not know they have to change the SORT feature of their search in order to view ALL LISTINGS by date! I thought something looked very fishy when 9/10 ads were Verified and Protected but there was at least 1 out of each screen that was owner listed. I think that is ON PURPOSE to keep us from realizing what is going on. Is this tactic to force all owners to use Redweek add-on services?

If Redweek doesn't change this quickly, we will have to find a new place to rent our units. RedWeek thinks they can compete with Airbnb by charging huge service fees and handling entire rentals start to finish. But Airbnb still gives me the opportunity to direct message the owner. Why did you remove that? I like talking to my renters, texting and building relationships. Many repeat customers are made that way. I don't like the "BOT" type of response you get when Redweek is listing ads. I've had renters choose me over a cheaper Redweek ad since they couldn't get a response and needed to book airfare that day. I agree with everything listed by owner David S. above on 10/3/22 and that is why I haven't used Verified & Protected even when it was offered as complimentary: taking 4 days to respond to potential renters--that can be 100's of $$ in airfare price changes, the ridiculous late payments to owners of 2 days after check in--nothing as a deposit ahead of time? And I heard the horror stories of units not used, but not communicated to owners so they could be deposited, instead money returned to renters when Covid broke in late March 2020. I had 4 rentals early April 2020 and was able to turn in all 4 and have been able to rebook something workable for 3 of them.

In addition, Redweek booking does things that DON'T MAKE SENSE like list a unit on Lahaina Tower with an ISLAND VIEW. That is a NAPILI or original towers unit if it's Island view (the crappy Island Wing). But it's not stated in the ad. I emailed to ask and they never responded. In any Lahaina Tower listing it says "Unit may be located in the Lahaina or Napili Tower. If owner owns a fixed tower, it will be noted on the posting." ALL OWNERS own a fixed tower. They don't sell "unassigned." That would only happen if you traded with Interval International, which is illegal to rent-and still you can call to find out the tower. Anything booked with Marriott directly has a specific tower. I'm pretty certain if you book with points, you know exactly what tower you get, too. SO, this is why they shouldn't make us post Lahaina and Napili listings separately --they should be under one site so you can list them with one ad. It would have been nice if they kept them ALL in Marriott Maui Ocean Club. But by splitting them up they force owners to consider multiple listings. Also, saying that some Original Tower one bedroom units "May have 1 or 2 bathrooms" is false. The only units with one bathroom are studios with the possible exception of Island Wing --2nd floor overlooking the parking lot. SO to put that on every listing as a disclaimer that we cannot remove is another error. Last month, the original tower rentals showed a picture of Lahaina Tower. ??? Why would I want to let Redweek take over my rental when they get so many things incorrect? Years past I've had to ask pictures be removed when they showed the wrong units.

Redweek, you need to return things to how they were. People who want the Verified units will still rent them. But you don't want to drive away all the owners who like to DIY. If not, we will have to find somewhere else to rent our units if this is how they treat owners who've supported their business for some 5, 10, 15 and 20 years plus.

Owners please write to to complain.

Disappointed and disgruntled,

Kristina Adad

Kristina A.
Oct 10, 2022

Redweek was purchased by Arrivia. It appears Redweek is now profit before people.

Oct 31, 2022 better be careful. For those renters who paid for listings without being notified of this change or the potential of this change, they might have a class action lawsuit on their hands.

I have used both Redweek's full service and rented on my own. For weeks that are not high demand I agree renting solo gives me a lot more flexibility AND makes more competitive (compared to AirB&B, VRBO, etc.) for the buyer because of all the hidden fees.

I even looked, paying for the $9 of highlighting your solo listing still does not get you listed with the featured!!!! this might be my last rental if you don't reverse your policy! Time for a new website to compete with you.

John M.
Apr 03, 2023

This will be the last year I use Red Week due to the current sorting. I enjoy renting my own units however, now my posting gets cycled at the bottom of the listings if I do not use the full service option.

David P.
Apr 10, 2023


Is the option below included in the "featured" sort? of rental posting or is just the full service rentals.


Lincoln T.
Jul 15, 2023


I have several timeshares for rent. I posted them but haven’t got any notifications of anyone interested as of yet . Can you check and see if you can even see my rentals ? Is there something missing?

Cathy A.
Oct 18, 2023

I agree, RedWeek is not the user friendly company it once was. Hopefully there will be more competition very soon. I hope TUG will get more into the business for renting timeshares.

Virginia C.
Nov 09, 2023

We accidentally booked this week while exploring our options and forgot to cancel this week Nov, 21-28th ! If we don't rent this week we will loose $3500. Any tips on how to rent this week?

John R.
Dec 19, 2023

As a retired CPA for 25 years, we have enjoyed spending over 20 weeks a year staying at timeshare resorts. Like other postings, it is NOT as friendly to use RedWeek as before. All listings for sale or for rent should be in sequence for ease of the reader. I believe RedWeek thinks that by showing their featured ads first, the consumer will book first. WRONG. Most viewers are now much more knowledgeable about listings and deals than before. RedWeek unfortunately will lose much more business than they think to TUG, etc. It is corporate greed here at RedWeek. There new Travel Rewards program is interesting but the FAIL to be upfront with the costs after the 30 day trial period. Very very sad. Bob

Robert W.
Jan 04, 2024

I have a week at the Marriott Ko 'Olina starting January 5 that I exchanged through Interval and I maybe late to retrade as I the option is not available and the office is closed. Can I rent it out?

Marites M.
Jan 07, 2024

maritesm6 wrote:
I have a week at the Marriott Ko 'Olina starting January 5 that I exchanged through Interval and I maybe late to retrade as I the option is not available and the office is closed. Can I rent it out?

This reply might be a little late for you but to answer your question, Interval International and RCI do not allow people to rent out intervals and weeks that were acquired via exchange. If you get caught doing so, then the renter will be denied access.

I suggest reading your II membership guide for the full rules and explanation regarding this.

Lance C.
Mar 25, 2024

marya810 wrote:
I am looking to rent a you offer rentals.....?

Whom are you asking?

Have you checked the RedWeek ads? Have you checked ads on other reputable timeshare websites such as E-Bay or Timeshare Users Group?

Lance C.
May 27, 2024

I just noticed this week, Redweek started charging additional $99 as commission for DIY Verified/Protected Rental posts without ANY prior announcement nor notifications. Redweek simply just deducted $99 as if it were full service rental... When did this change take place? Did Redweek ever make announcement that they will start charging extra $99 commission if the unit gets rented out?? In that case, how is DIY Verified / Protected posting different from Full Service Rentals ($49.99 + $99 vs. $59.99 + $99) As owners and long-time user of Redweek, we feel cheated... Isn't charging $49.99 for the posting / verification AND almost 9.5% service fees to the renters already more than enough for each posting? How can you abruptly start charging additional $99 for the owners who aren't using the Full Service without not even a single email announcement? (We as owners still had to answer all the questions from the renters, there was no additional service provided by Redweek to justify for this extra $99 charge as "Success Fee")


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May 27, 2024

Red Week just started adding an additional $650 if they handle the contract. They did this without even notifying me, These extra fees, also $99, are just popping up without notification.

Gregory M.
Jul 04, 2024

I am not liking all the changes at Redweek and may look elsewhere in the future for placing rental ads. I find it very frustrating that the price you think you are listing your rental for is not the price that the add shows, and they are not very upfront letting you know what all the additional charges or fees are!

Rebecca W.
Jul 11, 2024

I too very much dislike the changes to made to the fees associated with placing Rental Postings with respect to Verification, etc. See it as a money grab - triggering more fees from the both the Owner and the Renter of the posted week than had been the case when Verification was available as on stand alone add on service. Highly support undoing this change and leaving the Verification separate from the Rental/Booking process as had been the case before this change.

Fernando C.

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