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New $99 few for DIY verified and protected is ridiculous

Apr 15, 2024

As a very satisfied long time user of Redweek rentals, I do have to say I am very disappointed in the new $99 fee imposed when completeing a DIY verified and protected rental. I will not longer use that option and have found a few other sources for my rentals other than Redweek. I think this will be the beginning of the end or me using this site to list my rentals.

Gary R
Apr 22, 2024

I thought that was very high too. May I ask how you intend to rent your timeshare? I contacted VRBO and their reviews are horrible; tried 4 times to get a simple question answered to no avail. Looking at Airbnb. Thanks in advance.

Susan S.
May 25, 2024

as a 10+ year long user of Redweek, I'm also very disappointed with Redweek for imposing extra $99 commission for DIY rental posts on top of the very high ad fee they charge without giving ANY prior notice about this new change! Isn't charging almost 10% to the renters already greedy enough...? Now you are charging ~$150 ($49 + $99) for even DIY posts.... What additional service are you providing that's different from before? How is this different from the Full Service charge. you charge? ($60 + $99)

Today Redweek just deducted $99 off from my total without giving ANY prior announcement of such new change! Redweek - Please explain...

Jul 11, 2024

I'm a 18+ year user of RedWeek to post my rentals and very much in support of the comments made above. I've recommended RedWeek to people looking to book vacations. Won't be doing that anymore. When Full Service became available some years ago some of these people told me that when they accessed the post book that there was an additional fee of about 10% of the posted rental price. They were not happy. Never used RedWeek. Booked their vacation elsewhere. So at that time potential renters were turned off by that change. This recent change is now also putting off the owners who supply the inventory. IMHO poor decisions made by RedWeek.

Fernando C.

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