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Did Marriott just raise resale transfer fees?

Did Marriott just raise transfer fees on resales? What are the new rates?

Yes, but costs are associated with the transfer of Marriott Vacation Club Destination point ownerships only. As of July 1, 2014, the fees to complete a transfer of a Marriott Vacation Club Destination points ownership have increased from $200 per MVC Beneficial Interest to $500 (each "Beneficial Interest" = 250 MVC points), with a minimum fee of $3,000.

If you are selling 1,500 MVC points, the fee due to Marriott is calculated like this: 1500/250 = 6 Beneficial Interests. Multiply 6 times the $500 fee, and you've got a total due to Marriott of $3,000. For each additional 250 MVC points (over 1,500 total transferred), add an additional $500. If selling less than 1,500 MVC points, total due to Marriott is the minimum, $3,000.

In addition to these fees, as I have reported in the past, there is a $300 new member education fee and a $95 ROFR (right of first refusal) option research fee that you will need to pay unless Marriott exercises their right to purchase your unit. If the buyer is already a MVC point owner, then the $300 education fee is waived.

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This answer was provided by Ask RedWeek expert panel member Shelley C. Preece. Shelley is a Real Estate Agent who has been handling timeshare resales at Transaction Realty in Utah since 1990. She is also the Principal Broker of Shelley C. Preece Realty in Nevada. Shelley is a member of ARDA and a charter member of the Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association (LTRBA), where she also sits on the Board of Directors as Executive Treasurer.

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    Avatar for Reina F.
    Reina F.
    Aug 06, 2019

    Are these still that same fees or have they gone up further?

    Avatar for Donna F.
    Donna F.
    Apr 09, 2020

    From what I can see on E-Bay, it looks like the transfer fee for Marriott Beneficial Interests has been raised to $750 per beneficial interest. Marriott is definitely looking to shut down the secondary market for their points.

    Avatar for Joanne
    Mar 18, 2024

    So, if I (the seller), locate a buyer (thru Redweek), For my 1,000 MVC points, The seller has to pay $3,000 in fees? What am I not understanding? I thought if Redweek finds a buyer all I pay is $399. F181792